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USB Car Charger Power Consumption Is Small, Simple And Convenient

- Jun 15, 2017 -

With the development of science and technology market, the basic per capita of smart phones, especially with the development of automotive interconnection technology in recent years, mobile phone and car more and more closely, which also led directly to the consumption of mobile phone faster, so the car charging Device came into being, and quickly spread to most of the owners. However, the product quality can not afford to, and most of the owners to use the way to the vehicle caused by the loss.

USB Car Charger works

Principle: The car cigarette lighter socket 12V voltage into 5V USB voltage and charge the electronic product through the charging cable. Generally speaking, the USB Car Charger is 12V (car 12V, truck 24V) DC into 5-20V DC power for the car mobile device charging, which is characterized by small power consumption, simple and convenient, cheap.

1, the use of precautions

① Do not insert the car before the car starts, so as to avoid the vehicle when the voltage damage USB Car Charger.

② owners in the use of time, do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, strong detergent cleaning charger. Because it will seriously damage the USB Car Charger function.

③ especially in the course of the use of the USB Car Charger do not throw, floor, beat or shake the charger, and when the summer long-term stagnation of vehicles and the car temperature exceeds 45 ℃ when not to use the charger, this will seriously damage the USB Car Charger inside the circuit board.

④ USB Car Charger as one of the electronic products, the owner in the use of the process, we should pay attention not because of inadvertent water or prolonged when not exposed to the humid air, this will be its internal electronic components caused different degrees of corrosion or Oxidation.

⑤ After the vehicle is turned off, the USB Car Charger should be unplugged. Although 80% of the vehicles are vehicles when the key is removed after the cigarette lighter to stop power supply, but there are some car cigarette lighter is a continuous power supply.

2, purchase notes

Select products with overload protection

USB specification requirements for current overload protection shall not exceed 5A. USB Car Charger is the need for overload protection because when the output current is too large and more than their normal output value, the charger component life will be shortened or because the temperature is too high lead to damage or even burning. So the USB Car Charger used in the car must have overload protection measures.

Select the output current of 1A or more products

USB Car Charger on the market input voltage is basically 12V-24V, the output voltage of 5V, while the output current is about 1A ~ 4A. But part of the "three no" or "cottage" products are generally appear charging current virtual standard phenomenon.

If the phone provides navigation function is charging, poor quality charger can not only provide normal charging and power will continue to decline.

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