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USB Car Charger Must Have Overload Protection Measures

- Jul 06, 2017 -

More and more people can not do without the phone, and went out to find the phone no electricity, and many owners like to use the car phone charger to the phone charge. Now on the market car phone charger brand style, uneven quality, how to choose USB Car Charger it?

USB Car Charger works is the car point of the hole 12V voltage into 5V DC, through the charging line to the mobile electronic products charge.

Purchase notes

USB Car Charger are looking at almost all may be a lot of owners will feel casually pick one on the line. But the current market charge current virtual standard, charging and other issues have occurred, so the selection of the charger should still pay attention to the following:

1, select the output current of 1A or more products

USB Car Charger on the market input voltage is basically 12V-24V, the output voltage of 5V, the output current is about 1A-4A. And some cottage goods tend to virtual charge current, greatly extending the charging time. More extreme is that when the charger is actually charged 500mA charger, if the phone is in the navigation state, this time not only fully charged into the electricity, mobile phone power and even down ... ... so in the choice of USB Car Charger Of the time must be optimistic, at least to choose more than 1A charge current products.

2, select the product with overload protection

USB Car Charger is the need for overload protection, because when the output current is too large and more than their normal output value, the charger component life will be shortened or because the temperature is too high lead to damage or even burning. USB specification on the current overload protection requirements shall not exceed 5A, so the USB Car Charger used in the car must have overload protection measures.

For security reasons, the most simple and most reliable way is to buy regular manufacturers through the safety certification of products, do not be cheap to buy online or small shops, the use of three no products, so as to avoid problems, complaints no door, regret.

Although 80% of the vehicles are the vehicle to remove the key after the cigarette lighter to stop power supply, but there are some car cigarette lighter is continuous power supply. In case the owner forget to unplug the USB Car Charger, then the vehicle will not damage the battery? USB Car Charger is not connected to the load, the general is no current output. Even if forget to pull out, only a small LED lights at work, the loss of battery power can be ignored.

Almost negligible loss of power, is not it can always be inserted USB Car Charger it, even if you do not need to charge when? Owners in the absence of time, should be unplugged power interface, so as not to cause long time to use the socket internal buckle to lose resilience, loose, virtual access, need to prevent the next start the engine, the sudden strong current easily burned equipment.

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