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USB Car Charger Appearance Must Be Good, Can Not Have Burr

- Jun 26, 2017 -

USB Car Charger, dual USB intelligent interface, intelligent distribution of current, while the flat / mobile phone charging, intelligent microprocessors to protect the current stable and fast and fast output, so you no longer for the lack of USB charging interface and worry!

The use of more optimized circuit design special IC switch to determine the processing, over current, over voltage, leakage, short circuit and other seven protection to protect the product battery life.

Three-color optional, fully compatible smart car charger, simple compact, lightweight and portable, is your car the best choice!

If you need to use a car charger, may be more than a dozen dollars to buy one, with a few days to throw away. It is no big deal. But if you want to buy a long-term use, high-frequency use, things are not so simple. How to choose a long-term use of USB Car Charger it?

Car Charger Appearance Part:

1, the appearance must be good, can not have burrs, insert must be convenient and smooth. Metal contacts to be thick, uniform, flexible. Difficult to plug the charger will be easy to damage.

2, the shell in line with Rohs environmental standards, hard, flame retardant. The charger will heat, if the plastic shell does not meet the Rohs standard, there will be toxic to come out. The poison in the plastic is very powerful. Not hard, flame-retardant plastic, will be hot charcoal baked even fire.

Circuit part, the charger circuit is roughly the following:

1, resistance divider type. Car charger inside the car will have a sturdy resistance. This way the output voltage is unstable, and the resistance itself is huge heat. In addition to being cheap, there is no other merit. The output current can be large. No short circuit protection,USB Car Charger the consequences of short circuit is to fire or burn the car internal circuit.

2, the regulator type. Is a relatively large regulator tube. Can output 1A current. Short circuit is more dangerous, 1A current is not a joke. Because of its ability to load, this slightly higher than 5V voltage can achieve faster charging.

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