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USB Cable Reliability And Stability

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Due to the needs of urban construction and power grid development, the proportion of power USB Cables in the power grid is increasing, which is more and more important to the power grid.

With the popularity of USB Cable lines, USB Cable fault analysis is particularly important to prevent. USB Cable failure is generally a permanent fault, because the USB Cable is generally buried in the soil or laying and pipeline, fault finding more difficult, repair time is longer, therefore, shorten the power outage time, reduce USB Cable failure to become the key to USB Cable management.

The operating unit in the USB Cable failure, should promptly and quickly understand the fault signal and USB Cable related information, including the operating period, USB Cable cross-section, path, etc., to assist the distribution control class to determine the type of fault, find the point of failure; The feasibility of the load power supply, and develop the appropriate program to reduce the user power outage time to better serve the user.

1, external damage. Due to civil construction caused by USB Cable damage caused by external damage occurred, seriously affecting the reliability and stability of power supply.


The operating unit should strengthen communication with the relevant government departments, municipal departments and other relevant departments to grasp the USB Cable and channel along the construction of dynamic, the risk of external damage to the key point of care, the construction side to the end of the site erect warning signs to develop reliable security measures.

USB Cable ducts should be provided with USB Cable signs or USB Cable warning piles to prevent damage to external construction.

2, construction quality. USB Cable laying installation is not standardized construction, easy to damage the USB Cable; USB Cable connector is not strictly in accordance with the production process, size requirements of the construction, resulting in failure.


Strengthen the management of the USB Cable joint production process, in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction process.

Strengthen the training of construction personnel skills, rigorous review of USB Cable accessories production personnel qualifications, to ensure that the production of accessories by the training, familiar with the staff of the process.

Run units to strengthen the acceptance, strict quality control.

USB Cable on the rod and joints on both sides of the appropriate USB Cable should be reserved for repair needs.

USB Cable construction should be taken to avoid the insulation of the USB Cable caused by moisture. Laying should be used when the USB Cable jacket for the USB Cable head seal, the middle of the production process to keep the USB Cable head dry, to prevent water.

 Wire and USB Cable is used for power, communications and related transmission materials. "Wire" and "USB Cable" are not strictly bound. Usually less than the core number, the product diameter is small, the structure of a simple product called the wire, no insulation called bare wire, the other known as the USB Cable; conductor cross-sectional area larger (greater than 6 square millimeters) known as large wire, Small (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) is called a small wire, insulated wire, also known as cloth wire.

Wire and USB Cable mainly include bare wire, magnetic wire and electrical appliances with insulated wires, power USB Cables, communication USB Cables and fiber optic USB Cable.

Wire and USB Cable naming: The complete naming of wire and USB Cable is usually more complex, so people sometimes use a simple name (usually a category name) combined with model specifications to replace the full name, such as "low voltage USB Cable" on behalf of all 0.6 / 1kV level Plastic insulated power USB Cables. Wire and USB Cable type spectrum is more perfect, it can be said, as long as the written wire and USB Cable standard model specifications, will be able to clear the specific product, but its complete name is what?

USB Cable with AC voltage, there is a current flow, when the voltage amplitude and frequency must be, the size of the capacitor current is proportional to the USB Cable capacitance (Cx). For EHV USB Cables, the current of this capacitor may reach a value that can be compared to the rated current, making it an important factor limiting USB Cable capacity and transmission distance. So the USB Cable capacitance is also one of the main electrical performance parameters of the USB Cable.

In the AC electric field, the insulator in the USB Cable due to the leakage current and the existence of a variety of polarization, will form a dielectric loss, dielectric loss factor or loss tangent (TANδ) to represent it not only a waste of energy, and will make the media (insulator ) Heat, to accelerate the insulation aging, so TANδ is one of the main parameters of the USB Cable.

Through the measurement of capacitance and loss factor can be found insulation damp, insulation and shielding layer off and other insulation deterioration phenomenon, so both in the USB Cable manufacturing or USB Cable operation are carried out capacitance and loss tangent value of the measurement. The measurement of high voltage USB Cables, capacitors and dissipation factors is carried out under its operating conditions, ie, high frequency.

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