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USB Cable Good Security

- Jul 17, 2017 -

USB Cable refers to the use of cable transmission power line, which is mainly by the cable body, cable connector, the end of the electrical line, etc., also includes the corresponding civil facilities, such as cable trench, pipe, shaft, tunnel and so on. Generally located in the ground, there are overhead or underwater laying.

Test and acceptance of power cables

In addition to carrying out the transfer test and preventive test, in the construction process should also be insulated test to identify the construction of the various aspects of the cable quality and process quality. Before the laying of the cable before the test to identify the cable cup; laying, laying before the test to identify the cable in the laying of any damage; cable head after the completion of the test to identify the quality of the cable head; cable before and after maintenance Test to identify the quality of maintenance.

USB Cable operation and maintenance to do a good job of load monitoring, cable metal sets of corrosion monitoring and insulation supervision in three areas, to maintain the cable equipment is always in good condition and to prevent cable accidents. The main projects include: the establishment of USB Cable technical information, the USB Cable inspection inspection, cable preventive test to prevent damage to the cable, analysis of cable failure reasons, cable fault detection and wire fault repair. USB Cables need to add special content, such as trapping termites, manhole water analysis, water tree section inspection and live measurement and monitoring of insulation and so on.

1, excellent fire performance, fire rating not only meet the international GB12666.6A class 950 ℃ 90min can also meet the British BS6387-1994 specified A-level 650 ℃ 3h B-level 750 ℃ 3h C-level 950 ℃ 3h requirements at the same time in the combustion can also By water spray and mechanical impact.

2, continuous length long Whether single or multi-core cable length to meet the power supply needs, the limit length of up to 2000m.

3, cross-section large single-core cable section up to 1000mm2 multi-core cable section up to 240mm2.

4, with flexibility, the cable can be on the cable tray, the bending radius ≥ 20D, D for the cable diameter.

5, the combustion of smoke-free non-toxic, insulation using inorganic materials, "no burning body", the combustion will not produce any harmful gases, but will not occur secondary pollution, called environmental green products.

6, cross-sectional capacity is too large, the cable is not only large cross-section flow and has a large overload capacity. According to the wiring requirements usually cable surface temperature ≤ 70 ℃? If the wiring is not touchable? No contact with combustible building materials when the cable jacket temperature up to 105 ℃. Overload the fire cable allows the operating temperature up to 250 ℃.

7, corrosion-resistant, organic insulation refractory cable sometimes need to wear plastic pipe or iron pipe, plastic is easy to aging brittle, iron pipe easy to rust; fire cable is copper sheath without wear pipe, copper sheath corrosion resistance.

8, no electromagnetic interference, fire cable and signal, control and other wire and cable in the same shaft laying. Fire protection cable in the copper jacket under the shield. Will not control the transmission of wire and cable information interference.

9, good security, fireproof cable in addition to the normal power supply in the flame, start fire fighting equipment, reduce fire losses. While the personal safety is also particularly reliable, the copper jacket is a good conductor, is the best ground wire, and continuous to the cable length, greatly improving the grounding protection sensitivity and reliability.

10, long life, inorganic insulation materials, high temperature, and not easy to aging, his life than the organic insulation cable to improve many times, in normal working conditions, its life can be the same with the building.

11, flexible fire cable transport and installation including installation.

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