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USB Cable Easy To Lay, Maintenance

- Jun 15, 2017 -

Wire and USB Cable in the run-time sometimes fever, how much knowledge of the common sense will know that this must be running the load current. As the load current increases, the USB Cable surface temperature is higher, so it will feel the USB Cable heating. What is the reason for that? Encounter this phenomenon if not dealt with in a timely manner, the consequences will be disastrous. According to the explanation of the relevant experts, resulting in the phenomenon of heating the USB Cable there are so five reasons.

1, the USB Cable insulation performance is not good, resulting in smaller insulation resistance, the operation will also produce heat phenomenon.

2, armored USB Cable local sheath damage, after the water on the insulation performance caused by slow damage, resulting in a gradual reduction in insulation resistance, will also cause the USB Cable to produce heat in the phenomenon.

3, the USB Cable is arranged too tightly arranged, poor ventilation and cooling effect, or USB Cable close to other heat sources too close to the normal cooling of the USB Cable, but also may cause the USB Cable in the operation of the heat generated.

4, USB Cable conductor resistance does not meet the requirements, resulting in USB Cable in the operation of the heat generated.

5, the USB Cable selection type improper, resulting in the use of the USB Cable conductor cross-section is too small, the operation of the overload phenomenon, prolonged use, the USB Cable heat and cooling imbalance caused by fever.

Wire and USB Cable through a large current, if the heat is not timely treatment, it may cause a short circuit, a serious fire can cause harm to our personal and property safety.

USB Cable laying methods are buried laying, pipe laying, shallow tank laying, USB Cable trench laying, USB Cable tunnel laying, air laying, and several other ways. However, regardless of which way to use, in the choice of the path, in particular, pay attention to the following provisions of these.

(1) easy to lay, maintenance.

(2) to avoid the place to be excavated construction.

(3) to meet the safety requirements of the conditions to make the USB Cable shorter.

(4) to avoid the USB Cable suffered mechanical external force, overheating, corrosion and other hazards.

(5) USB Cable in any way of installation and its all the conditions of the upper and lower left and right parts, should meet the USB Cable to allow bending radius requirements.

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