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Mobile Phone Protective Cover What Material Good Phone Protection Shell Material

- Jul 07, 2017 -

There are many kinds of materials, the most common are soft plastic (silicone, TPU), hard plastic (PC, ABS, PP), metal, leather, and some special materials Such as carbon fiber, bamboo, wood and so on.

1. silicone

At present, there are two kinds of silicone sleeve, one is organic silicone, one is inorganic silica gel. Currently commercially available digital products silicone sets are basically organic silicone.

Silicone is a rubber type, the molding process is vulcanized. Silicone mold is the upper and lower mold, put a piece of silicone material cut, placed inside the mold, heating and pressure to make the product. General plastic products will have a glue into the mouth, in the product after a good injection to pruning, pruning is very good appearance. And silicone is not into the plastic mouth, but there are a circle around the edge to repair. If the mold is rubbish, this circle will be more obvious, as the dog gnawing the same.

2. TPU plastic water sets

Put the second said because the TPU is also soft. TPU is Thermoplastic Urethane short, the Chinese name for the thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. Generally people often say "clean water sets", that is, TPU material.

Many people do not know the difference between silicone and TPU, and even some Taobao sellers are not clear, the soft are said to be a silicone. Here to explain to you.

Different from the rubber class of silicone, TPU is a plastic, the product is injected into the molding process is done, that is, a grain of plastic rice heating after melting, with a barrel into the plastic mold and made of products.

Feel from the feel, the general hardness of the TPU harder than the silicone, pinch the flexibility of strong, and silicone elasticity slightly worse. TPU can be compared to feel the muscles, silicone metaphor into the fat feel. From the outside, TPU can be done that kind of transparent, silica gel can not, the most permeable are very hazy like a thick fog that feeling. It is because of this transparent feeling TPU, now more popular with users. And TPU products are still a lot of high-grade, selectivity is relatively strong, pattern than the silicone pattern is also more.

TPU shortcomings are easy to deformation, will be yellow, with three or four months later, if you just bought a transparent white and other light-colored products, it is easy to yellow. Material is not even the surface of the fog or sticky hand. Imports of German Bayer materials do have this problem, but relatively better.

3.PC material

PC scientific name polycarbonate, is a thermoplastic engineering plastics. PC plastic toughness is very good, light is also very good, the product can be done very thin, iPhone4 protective shell is the thinnest is said to be up to 0.5mm, boast that 0.5mm the following is basically false. Pure PC plastic has a pure transparent, transparent black transparent blue and other colors, are also very good.

By the way some PC shell processing technology:

PC vacuum plating process: in the PC shell plating, electroplating finished carving some patterns, texture is also good, but after the vacuum plating to a UV varnish, this process is not much good, do not work well It is easy to produce orange peel on the product the same pattern. So this kind of technology is a very beautiful look, look carefully, then there are few products done well, just like a star, the TV is very glorious on the film, the actual look at the general close.

PC spray technology: you can spray the sense of rubber oil, this feel there are a lot of people like, and then the complex is in the colored (transparent red, transparent blue, transparent yellow, etc.) transparent PC shell spray a layer of primer, and then laser engraving some patterns , And finally had a rubber paint, this product is very upscale.

PC water transfer thermal transfer process: PC shell to do some transfer up the pattern, and then spray UV varnish, or soft feel rubber oil. After the transfer of UV varnish spray, hand pinching, the surface of the UV varnish is easier to split, so the best choice for the transfer process spray rubber oil, soft feel, the surface matte, do a good process , Will appear very upscale. The disadvantage is that the surface is not resistant to scraping, if a local out of the paint, the splash will go down the paint is easy to get off more and more. Transfer the advantages of pattern is very rich color.

4.ABS material

Pure ABS material to do the protective cover is generally very little (now generally used for trolley), because the ABS material is relatively hard, the strength is not good PC, but there is a new process, called mold injection (IML-In mold label ) Process, the current basic use of ABS plastic material, the surface of the material is PET, because PC plastic melting temperature is too high, will print the color on the PET rushed into the face.

This process is nearly two years before the popular in the protective cover above, it is characterized by the surface can be done very rich patterns, and the advantages of the transfer process, there is a better advantage is that its pattern is generally more than the Printed pattern to be fine, strong texture, the surface of the PET if it is hardened with PET material, with the most abundant iron content of the fingernails back and forth scraping, are not scraping, with poor quality PET do of course The

So in contrast, this mold injection IML process of the grade is generally higher than the transfer of high-grade, bright glossy strong, if IML spray rubber oil is also a high-end products. You can do some imitation carbon fiber effect and three-dimensional effect of the product, or the surface of a touch of products, color should be the most abundant in all categories. The disadvantage is that this shell relative to the PC in terms of installation when the feel hard, out of the ground, if the fall is very heavy, there will be cracking phenomenon.

5.PP material

The current non-mainstream, mainly because the process is not mature, there are many shortcomings, because PP itself is a relatively cheap raw materials, mainly because of its injection performance better, some manufacturers do not have high-speed injection molding machine, Thin protective shell, so choose this raw material. The defect of this product is easy to deformation, not recommended.

6. Leather

Good quality leather case is usually made of pigskin, made of leather. General leather jacket will use the outer leather skin, the inner layer with PU material approach to reduce costs, while achieving the visual effects of leather.

Leather is also a more popular one. Compared to the texture of a slightly ordinary silicone sets, the workplace in the hard work of business people prefer to use decent leather holster, and advocate individuality of the young people, holding the appearance of the color of a little single phone for them Loss of taste.

7. Metal material

Metal products, the texture is undoubtedly very good, most of the product grade is relatively high, the surface treatment process is now very mature.

The disadvantage is that the installation is relatively inconvenient, if it is installed with a screw product, it should be careful, because the metal material is generally made of aluminum alloy, no matter what is known as aviation aluminum or other aluminum, screw holes are easy to slip tooth.

The author of a friend in Hong Kong to buy an authentic brand products, 500 Hong Kong dollars, cowboy blew, of course, texture work is very good, the results of a careless out of the ground, and scattered. Then playing the screws, are loose, the lock is not tight, that distressed ah! The conclusion is that the metal phone shell looks useless, can not afford to wind and rain, is long in the greenhouse flowers, it is easy to fade. Suggested careless friends carefully selected.

8. Special material

carbon fiber. Real carbon fiber made out of the protective shell, is very hard, hand breaking is difficult to break apart. I have done an experiment, put an iPhone3 protective shell thrown on the floor of the tile, bang when the sound, very crisp, jump a few jump, with a foot step on the foot, nothing, then step on, unharmed, and then step on, only split a small mouth ,Impressed.

But this is not hard to do the carbon fiber in the protective sleeve on the strengths, too hard but not good, will choose this material users, mainly fancy the kind of carbon fiber crystal clear three-dimensional effect. As the carbon fiber is formed in the mold after the inside, but also polished, the surface is no parting line, can be polished to throw away, grinding and the production of workers and the degree of careful and closely related to the real good products do not much The The price is also high

Bamboo made of wood. Non-mainstream, the advantages are distinctive, there is the kind of very traditional feeling, the disadvantage is generally relatively thick, the price is generally high.

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