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Power Bank Think Big Or Big, Small Or Small, Easy To Carry Up

- Jun 26, 2017 -

Power Bank this year, the fire, the search for Power Bank more and more people, then it will be asked: What brand of Power Bank good? How do I choose Power Bank? Today we will look at this article, perhaps you will be able to find the answer.

Often mixed in the industry circle, in fact, Power Bank is also a matter of time, batteries + protection board + shell, so that a Power Bank to form a! Today is the 79th Consumer Electronics Show, I also ran a trip to Shenzhen Exhibition The center, about seven or eight do Power Bank, and carefully glanced at their products, the feeling can still be in the afternoon went to Huaqiang North, a party where the boss, chatted for hours, said some Power Bank industry topic The

Although I have written in the article have repeatedly introduced the batteries, but may not understand the user, so I will describe here, the current market is a common Power Bank is 18650 and soft lithium battery. 18650 is a liquid lithium battery, surrounded by a thick layer of steel wrapped, there are aluminum, cylindrical. The other is a paste of lithium batteries, industry professionals are called soft package, you can customize a variety of shapes.

Charging Po in the market are generally used in the production of ordinary 18650 lithium batteries and high-level lithium polymer batteries, advanced lithium polymer batteries with 18650 lithium batteries than the better security. In the case of economic permission to recommend the selection of high-level lithium polymer batteries charge treasure.

Ordinary lithium batteries The advantages of ordinary lithium battery batteries: because the development time is relatively long, the battery price is very low. Disadvantages: waste repair batteries more, because the process reasons, the problem rate and failure rate is high. System, heavy weight, short life and may cause an explosion, which is a very fatal shortcomings, the mainstream Power Bank are phased out of this cell. In the coming days, this ordinary lithium battery will gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

Modular charge treasure is also called magic charge treasure, stylish design simple atmosphere, hit color color match. The main body + energy block separate design, like big or big, small or small, easy to carry up. The traditional charging line and high-speed charging board combined with charging method, charging speed more than doubled. Standard battery capacity of 10400mAh, the power is sufficient, can perfect delay power supply, support 5V / 2A charge output, can greatly improve the output speed, very suitable for long-distance travel travel.

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