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Power Bank More And More Frequent Use In Daily Life

- Oct 26, 2017 -

The use of Power Bank in our daily life more and more frequent, but the safety of Power Bank you have noticed? Is not to say that the charge can easily use the treasure! If you do not use the standard, still fried to see you! So, what can be considered a standard use of rechargeable treasure? Look at this

Power Bank is actually easy to carry large-capacity portable power supply. It is a set of storage, boost, charge management in one of the portable devices.

Power Bank's own charging plug directly through the AC power can be charged on the mobile device and has its own storage device, the equivalent of a charger and a backup battery mix, compared to standby power supply can simplify a charging plug device, and phase Compared to the charger it has its own power storage device, you can not directly in the power or when the digital products to provide standby power.

1. Please do not use it for a long time

Do not charge a long time charging, charging a good time before the charge,Power Bank control the charging time, your love machine and charge the treasure are security Oh.

2. Please place in the ventilation to avoid sun exposure

Must be in the ventilation, room temperature, dry place, not in the overheated, humid environment to use and save. Do not touch the fire, do not exposure in the sun, in some harsh environments do not use Oh.

3. cheap no good goods, please buy regular products

Some treasure on the rechargeable treasure cheap and large capacity seems to attract the lack of security is difficult to protect, it is recommended to buy high-quality charger official website,Power Bank or flagship store to buy regular charger / charge treasure Oh.

4. Avoid heavy vibration

Mobile phone is our good bowl friends, charging treasure is also a small partner of mobile phones, treat the charge of treasure we can not use the rude way,Power Bank usually in the use of time to pay attention not to weight, fall, strong vibration, so as not to let it appear when charging Short circuit burns the danger of detonation.

5. Plug the original as much as possible

Charge the charge to the charge as much as possible when using the original charge plug, or charge the same parameters of the plug baby Oh.

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