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Power Bank Easy To Save, Peace Of Mind

- May 18, 2017 -

Shared charge treasure suddenly became popular in the venture, and open the financing war. But is this a gust? Will be a burst of popular after that gas, or a shared bicycle such as leveraging the basic needs of the big business?

People's views are not consistent. Even for the most basic question, whether the user really needs to share the charge, it is difficult to convince the conclusion that entrepreneurs involved in which it is concerned about the sense of security just need, and not optimistic that people think it is ridiculous Pseudo demand.

At the same time, several people who are doing shared chargers are also exploring different directions, large cabinets, small cabinets, and desktop models that are still in the conceptual stage - they have their own judgments and judgments about the future.

Entrepreneurs are exploring solutions, and investors are betting.

We are at the earliest stage of the exploration of this problem, and the prospect is chaotic.

Behind these arguments is, what kind of charging solution is most efficient? As well as the future of the charging interface What kind of layout?

The answer to this question determines whether we need to share the charge and how it should be.

To the big point, the shared charge is only part of the entire charging terminal.

With the development of science and technology, more mobile smart devices need to layout the charging interface or charging solution, and promote the charging interface layout network evolution. On the other hand, technology is likely to be involved in the transformation of our way of charging the interaction, the future we will no longer need to charge interface, and that time, how will the charge of the existence?

On the shared charge of the core of the debate is that the demand for rental of treasure in the end is not there?

To be sure, the emergency needs are there, but we are more concerned about this is a way to daily dependencies? What is the more efficient and cost-effective?

It is hard to say that it is hard to say that it is like an umbrella - although everyone has it, no one will be willing to go out every day with an umbrella, but you will always be raining.

Another example of an analogy is the supermarket shopping bag. Users are not always planning to go to the supermarket, and often until the checkout will think of and no shopping bags, and this time the alternative is to buy a supermarket bag quickly solve the problem.

People are willing to pay for small, easy-to-solve services, rather than investing in a fixed asset in advance. Moreover, their own assets can not always be needed when the convenience of the emergence.

In fact, sharing the bike business also has this property, many people do not want to buy a bicycle in advance, even if there is, will not always carry it, when needed to spend a dollar can solve the problem.

In any case, people will always want to save more convenient, peace of mind, then there is pain here.

Do not need to take water in the city, do not need to have to find the faucet. When you need water, you may find a restaurant, you may also find a convenience store to buy a bottle of mineral water.

If there is a solution that we do not need to worry about going out, you can improve efficiency. And the future may happen, people occasionally emergency charging demand will gradually become daily demand.

So it is a sale of electricity business, rather than a simple sale of mineral water business is known to share the mineral water, so it is not necessary to put a simple selling mineral water business is shared with mineral water.

So the essence of this business is how to make consumers more convenient to buy electricity, and the provider can sell more electricity.

More simply said that the electric energy "mineral water" how to sell?

As a provider of power, how to provide the connection interface? Where is the interface placed? How do I reach users efficiently?

The existing rechargeable treasure has three solutions, large cabinets, small cabinets and desktop. If the analogy of the existing retail system, large cabinets and small cabinets are similar to different supermarkets or convenience stores, while the desktop is like a restaurant.

Three ways have different scenes, our infrastructure has been provided is the socket interface, but the phone can not be directly connected, only need to do some interface conversion, it becomes the desktop solution. The drawbacks of this scheme are that they can not cover the mobile scene.

In the mobile scene, you can only consider the rental of the treasure cabinet mode.

However, and buy a bottle of water is not the same, renting treasure is not only involved in the "rent" link, but also related to "also" links, and thus the density of cloth to be large. If the density is not big enough, rent the trouble, the user may still be prepared as soon as possible to prepare their own treasure, but only as a contingent of emergency solutions.

In fact, in addition to these solutions, we can imagine some patterns.

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