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Power Bank Easy To Carry, Anytime, Anywhere Can Be Used

- Jun 02, 2017 -

Out of the charge, treasure treasure seems to be our necessary life-saving straw. However, you have thought that one day the phone will reverse the power delivered to the charge treasure? Recently, foreign media, an editor of Android Central encountered this situation.

Night before going to bed to connect the phone to charge the charge on the charge, because the charge has been put in the bag a lot of days, the power is not enough, but he felt enough to charge the phone to 70%. However, wake up, the phone did not power off! And charge the power of the treasure is not the slightest loss, and even more of some

So, the question came: how the phone is charged by the treasure "suck" to go?

It is understood that it is the use of the USB-C interface to blame the disaster. So what is USB-C? What is the difference between it and USB? 

USB-C interface called USB Type-C, can be easily understood as a fourth-generation USB interface. The bright spot is more slim design, faster transmission speed, stronger power transmission, in addition USB-C interface also supports double-sided insert, do not distinguish between positive and negative.

One of the important features of USB-C is power sharing. For example, the computer needs 20 minutes of battery life, you can use the phone to the computer power supply. The above events, the editor of the phone is full of electricity, and the power to share the charge to the treasure, resulting in mobile phone completely power, charge the power of the treasure but more.

At present, most of the domestic data line is one end USB interface, one end USB-C interface. This data line can not be shared by electricity. Only when both ends are USB-C interface, can the power sharing. Obviously, the foreign editor is using a dual USB-C interface data cable.

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