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Phone Charger The Whole Body Is Small, Light Weight, Easy To Move

- Oct 26, 2017 -

People are increasingly dependent on the role of mobile phones, this way, some people charge several times a day electricity.

Office, bed, and even wash, the socket is ready to charge the Phone Charger. Recently, the Internet has said that: the phone to fully charge the Phone Charger to pull down, the socket is not connected to the phone Phone Charger has been working, long-term will have a fire hazard.

First of all, non-original Phone Charger power consumption is much higher than the original high. And millions of Phone Chargers around the world to accumulate, the consumption of electricity is very impressive.

From the environmental point of view, each generating 1 kWh, it will be discharged to the atmosphere 1 pound (about 0.45 kg) of carbon dioxide.

The Phone Charger on the socket is not connected to the phone when compared to the normal charge when the current is much smaller, and some even one tenth of the less.

Phone Charger as long as the circuit board, even if there is no load, it will produce a certain current, some current is small, some current is relatively large. This is because the Phone Charger is a transformer and rectifier device, it is inserted on the circuit board after the power on, then it will consume a certain current, and has been in working condition.

On the other hand, the Phone Charger is a device that converts high voltage to low voltage direct current. If the Phone Charger is placed on the patch panel for a long time, it will continue to heat, thus accelerating the aging of devices and materials. So easy to produce short-circuit or high-voltage breakdown, which triggered a fire hazard.

Phone Charger (Phone Charger) according to the design circuit operating frequency to points, can be divided into frequency machine and high frequency machine. Frequency machine is based on the traditional analog circuit principle to design, the machine internal power devices (such as transformers, inductors, capacitors, etc. ) Are large, generally in the load with a larger operation there is a small noise, but the model in the harsh power grid environment resistance to strong resistance, reliability and stability than the high frequency machine strong.

The high-frequency machine is a microprocessor (CPU chip) as a processing control center, is the complex hardware analog circuit burned in the microprocessor, the software program to control the operation of the UPS.Therefore, the volume greatly reduced, Weight is greatly reduced, the manufacturing cost is low, the price is relatively low. High frequency machine inverter frequency is generally above 20KHZ. But the high frequency machine in the poor power grid and environmental conditions, poor tolerance, more suitable for the grid is stable and dust Less, warm / humidity suitable for the environment.

Phone Charger has many, such as lead-acid battery Phone Charger, VRLA battery test and monitoring, nickel-cadmium battery Phone Charger, nickel-metal hydride battery Phone Charger, lithium-ion battery Phone Charger, portable electronic equipment lithium-ion battery Phone Charger, Lithium-ion battery protection circuit Phone Charger, electric car battery Phone Charger, car Phone Charger and so on.

Battery Phone Charger: is designed for the market widely used in the lead-acid maintenance-free battery or battery charge and design, the whole small size, light weight, easy to move.

1, waterproof moisture. As an electronic product, inadvertent water or prolonged exposure to the humid air when not in use, will be its internal electronic components caused by varying degrees of corrosion or oxidation.

2, anti-fall shock. Mobile phone Phone Charger is actually a fragile component, the internal components can not afford to beat. In particular, to prevent the use of the process accidentally landing. Do not throw, beat or shake the Phone Charger. Roughly treating the Phone Charger will destroy the internal circuit board

3, anti-strong chemical products. Do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents or strong detergents to clean the Phone Charger. Clear the appearance of the Phone Charger can be stained with cotton a small amount of anhydrous alcohol scrub.

4, when cleaning static. Regularly clean the Phone Charger and charging the interface. When cleaning, use a damp cloth, or an antistatic cloth. Do not use dry cloth (electrostatic charge).

5, anti-cold and heat. Do not place the Phone Charger in places where the temperature is too high. High temperature will shorten the life of electronic devices, destroy the Phone Charger, so that some plastic parts deformation or melting. Do not store the Phone Charger in a cool place. When the Phone Charger in the cold environment, the internal temperature, the Phone Charger will form a moisture, destroy the circuit board.

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