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Phone Charger The Method Of Distinguishing Power

- Oct 12, 2017 -

The use of Phone Charger is more and more common, but many people do not understand for Phone Charger, and even how to choose the right Phone Charger do not know. Phone Charger if the choice of inappropriate words will lead to shorten the life of the phone or increase the use of mobile phone security risks. 

Phone Charger how to look at power

As a charger (power adapter), whether it is travel charger, or car charger, or mobile power, to ensure stable output is the most basic and most core function, otherwise it is a brick, a relatively nice brick The The size of the output power is the embodiment of the size of the charger, like a variety of fake and shoddy, the same as the power of the charger can not escape the fate of fake, as consumers, how can we remain vigilant, and have a pair of gold eyes, Come and go false.

The most common in the dual USB output on the charger, the use of consumers do not know the dual USB is actually in series output of the two ports, sharing the output power, such as the total output 2A current, only a USB "1A", another USB on the screen "2A", so that consumers mistakenly believe that a total of 3A output.

And in the description also said that at the same time to the flat and mobile phone charging, but the general mobile phone is the need for 1A input, flat to 2A, in fact, 3A, when you use this charger to follow the instructions to charge at the same time, Charging, just slow some, also do not care.

In fact, there is a big security risk here, only 2A output charger to add 3A load, the charger is bound to run in the overload, like the next horse pull cart, an inattentive car will be destroyed Death When the charger for a long time overload operation, you will find the charger temperature is high to hot, and some will have sound, which is overloaded state will damage the life of the charger, not long before the charger burned,Phone Charger if the charger The protection circuit is not done even because of short circuit caused by fire.

Correctly identify the power is the first to see if there is a "total output" or "output MAX" and other words can know the real output is how much.

Second, you can also through the price, because now 3A and above the output circuit board mature design program is only in the hands of a few manufacturers in the hands, unlike the 2A program circuit board module can be purchased directly, the cost of the device Will be much higher than the 2A, so the market 3A charger or car prices are more than 40 yuan, those 10-20 yuan in fact do not have to believe that can do 3A.

The most accurate way is to try, if you find the charger charging speed is slow, and charging half an hour after the feeling of hot (far more than 60 degrees), it can be a preliminary judgment is the charger output power caused by this Happening.

Now we know how to read the power of Phone Charger it! Learn how to see the phone charger power is very important, no election on the power of the appropriate charger will appear security risks, so we must remember the phone charger power to identify the method.

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