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Phone Charger The Device Will Be In The Power Supply Will Inevitably Consume Power

- Aug 04, 2017 -

If someone asks you: will you use the Phone Charger correctly? Certainly a lot of people will be self-proclaimed answer: will be used correctly! But everyone will have a common problem, the more simple and easy things will not go to more detailed understanding, in-depth analysis. So there may be a lot of mistakes. Like the Phone Charger will consume how much electricity? Or how much electricity will not charge the Phone Charger? We do not know all of this! Yongle Tong Phone Charger manufacturers today to share with you:

How much power will the Phone Charger consume?

    With the development of intelligent machines, mobile phone power consumption is growing, which also led to the current intelligent machine is almost a day charge, or even a few days a few charge. So, in order to use convenience, many people will always stay in the socket Phone Charger, not knowing that the power consumption is very scary.

    If one billion of the country's mobile phone users will always leave the Phone Charger on the socket, then it consumes enough power to make six thousand home air conditioning at the same time. This time we can not help but wonder, why the power consumption of the Phone Charger, how much power consumption,

    Most mobile phone Phone Chargers are switching power supply, the first 220V rectifier into DC, and then through the high-frequency conversion, after the pulse transformer coupling, one-way rectifier output low-voltage DC. Even if there is no output current, the high-frequency transform part is still in operation, need to consume part of the power.

    For example, the control circuit in the Phone Charger, mainly the sensor phone is connected to the Phone Charger, the Phone Charger is not connected to the phone, the control circuit is also working. Another example is the load components (individual Phone Charger indicators), when inserted in the power supply is also working, will consume part of the power. In short, the Phone Charger of a class of equipment in the power supply is bound to consume power.

Phone Charger charging fever is actually a normal phenomenon, but if filled with hot, we should pay attention to whether the product quality problems. The original Phone Charger does not rule out possible malfunctions. Also charge, pay attention to whether the power of the Phone Charger with the phone phase with.

The other is if the Phone Charger is not placed in a ventilated place to heat, or the charging time is too long, the internal electronic components in a long time in standby, their own will be hot. So a long time on the Phone Charger plug will certainly be hot. Or else you are not supporting the Phone Charger and electrical appliances.

Phone Charger volume is also one of the key factors of fever, in order to facilitate carrying, we often like a smaller Phone Charger, manufacturers are also developing a small direction toward the development of small. But the volume becomes smaller, the cooling performance will be worse, the higher the requirements of electronic components. Take the capacitor, the high-voltage capacitor in the same capacity to keep the case, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and in the pressure and temperature even better, but the pressure is not enough breakdown capacitor, temperature is not enough burst Open capacitance

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