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Phone Charger Safety Is No Small Matter, Be Careful As Well

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Phone Charger is generally used to buy mobile phone when the same brand charger, is an electrical accessories, usually the charger is the exchange of AC power into low-voltage direct current equipment, and now the use of the field is also very wide, such as mobile phones, flat Computers, cameras and so on, this charger is used in power electronic semiconductor devices, is a frequency of alternating current is not converted to DC static converter equipment. Power adapter is a very small electronic equipment and electrical and electronic power supply conversion equipment, it has a different output and connection, in fact, power adapter is what we say "travel power adapter." In fact, these two kinds of chargers have a kind of role, but in essence, or a little difference.

Chargers and even months do not pull down, in fact, what is the harm?

What is the danger of the charger for a long time?

Nokia's engineers found that mobile phone power consumption of more than 3/4 are due to cell phone glass mirror silver full power after the user does not pull the charger caused by the plug. Although for a Phone Charger in terms of this power consumption is acceptable, the current Chinese mobile phone users have more than 6 million, if half of the people there is such a habit, then earn a waste of electricity is very large. Adapter manufacturers

What is the danger of the charger for a long time?

In addition, the engineers believe that the phone does not pull the charger after charging, so that the charger is still in working condition, easy to make the charger aging, resulting in security risks accidents, and even fire, explosion, accident and other accidents. It is worth mentioning that many mobile phone users do not pull the latch after the work to go to work, or no one at home, or home only the elderly and children,Phone Charger which are exacerbated by the possibility of unsafe factors accident, to the family Bring harm.

What is the danger of the charger for a long time?

Recently, there are media reports, Guangdong Province, Heyuan City, a high school dormitory fire, the fire by the local fire department to identify the initial, the fire is a girl in bed with a charger to the phone to charge, before leaving forget to pull the plug ,Phone Charger Causing the charger to heat the short circuit and cause the resulting bedding. Users in the use of the charger for a long time did not unplug the fire caused. Power adapter manufacturer

So here we recommend you:

1, try to use the original charger

2, after charging to develop the habit of unplugging the charger

3, you can buy a socket with a switch, fully charged after the outlet is turned off smoothly

4, the charger away from flammable items, such as bed, clothing and so on.

Safety is no small matter, be careful as well.

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