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Phone Charger How To Buy

- May 18, 2017 -

First, the correct purchase of the Phone Charger

As the saying goes: blacksmith need their own hard. When we buy the Phone Charger can not seek cheap, and thus buried safety risks.

(1), the purchase of regular manufacturers of goods.

(2), the purchase of "CQC" "3C" or other certification mark of the product.

(3), buy their own mobile phone original matching mobile phone Phone Charger.

(4), see the appearance of the Phone Charger, such as: whether the septum of the shell fine and clean.

Second, the Phone Charger working environment

(1), waterproof and moisture. (Do not use Phone Chargers near baths, wash basins, water sources, or wet basements.)

(2), anti-cold and heat. (The temperature will shorten the life of the electronic device, so that the deformation or melting of the plastic parts will cause the inside of the Phone Charger to form moisture and destroy the circuit board.

(3), anti-fall shock. (Damage to the electronic components will burn the circuit board, the shell is damaged the risk of electric shock.)

Third, do not use the Phone Charger should immediately unplug the Phone Charger.

(1), the Phone Charger for a long time plug in the board there is a risk of fire.

(2), to reduce the battery life.

Fourth, thunderstorm days Do not use the Phone Charger

High voltage due to lightning may pass along the cable to the Phone Charger that is being used, which can cause damage to the Phone Charger and damage to the user.

5, do not call when charging

(1), charging phone phone battery voltage instability, there is a certain risk.

(2), the radiation value is much larger than usual.

6, do not use wet hands plug the Phone Charger, otherwise it may cause electric shock damage.

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