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Phone Charger High Temperature, Built-in High Performance

- Aug 16, 2017 -

Every day to give Phone Charger, but was ignored a fact, that is: a lot of babies do not pull out the charger.

What is the problem!

In the phone does not charge the situation, the charger inserted in the socket for a long time will have any effect? Xiaobian today to give you baby science about.

Charger has been inserted in the socket, although not to the phone charging, but the charger inside the circuit board is through the electricity, so the charger is in working condition, will consume electricity.

Relatively speaking, the original charger has been inserted in the socket on the power consumption is very small, that is, a few dollars the cost, which many people do not care about this waste, so let the charger on the socket to settle down.

Long-term so that the charger inserted in the socket, because the charger by the electronic components, has been inserted in the socket will have a micro-current through,Phone Charger for a long time will cause heat, easily lead to aging components, and some will short-circuit, so will Greatly shorten the life of the charger.

Charger has been inserted in the socket, if the charger is poor, their own fever is serious, plus their own room environment closed and hot summer weather, easy to create a charger to spontaneous combustion blew the environment.

Of course, because most of the charger set the protection device,Phone Charger so we will feel the charger caused by spontaneous combustion blew a very small chance. But we can not rule out the existence of equipment failure or cottage charger before the possibility, we still have to simply pull the electrical, if you really do not want to pull, then the socket switch is closed.

For the harm caused by the charger has been, although the probability is relatively small, but still have to be careful, especially at home with children, or the socket near the water, light, no charger is very dangerous.

Charging things small, safe things big! Here again with you to add to the attention of mobile phone charges

1, do not charge in the cold or overheated environment,Phone Charger such as not in the refrigerator, electric oven, next to the heater or direct sunlight. If the family living conditions in a regular high temperature state, and we often forget to pull the electrical, it is recommended to use high temperature, built-in high-performance switching transformer charging head.

2, in order to facilitate the use of mobile phones when charging, we used to charge in the vicinity of the bed or pillow, it is recommended not to charge the phone away from people near or flammable pillows, bed sheets near, if you want to charge the phone overnight, the best Stay away from sleep.

3, when the charger appears loose or too tight interface,Phone Charger there are some data lines exposed metal, it is easy to charge during the charging process, with the body and the floor is easy to form a closed circuit, there are security risks. So to replace the data cable with a long time, buy data lines have to pay more attention to its workmanship.

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