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Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds To Achieve Satisfactory Results

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Each signal plays a role that is perceived by the listener. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the signal source and the style of music requirements for horizontal, vertical and depth of the three dimensions of positioning, has become the engineers most concerned about the problem.

At present, the Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds music program post-production means a lot of production ideas and practices because of people, because the music and there is a big difference, but no matter how great the difference, the engineers have to ensure that the late production of technical indicators and art on the scientific And feasibility. The author through the discussion of the principle of Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds positioning and the use of effects for the positioning of the guide to solve the production process of the Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds system ① through the vertical, horizontal and depth positioning, to a certain extent, restore the real world of the sound characteristics of the world.

Longitudinal positioning is the object is very easy to detect the positioning of the direction, but in a certain listening conditions can be perceived. Vertical positioning is mainly from two aspects: First, the sound of the low-frequency transmission path is more high frequency closer to the ground; Second, the body of different organs for different frequencies of voice selective reception, usually 40 Hz sound more easily received by the lower abdomen, 800 Hz The sound is more likely to be received by the chest, the sound of 1 000 Hz is more easily received by the neck, the sound of 5 000 Hz is more easily received by the forehead, and the sound of 10 000 Hz is more likely to be received by the head. It usually feels triangular iron, Frequent rich instruments are often higher than the bass, the sound of the drum in the sense of space, it is because of this reason.

Horizontal positioning is the most intuitive Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds system, but also the most important positioning characteristics. With a visual point of view, horizontal positioning is the distribution of the sound between the two speakers from left to right. Horizontal positioning in two ways: time difference positioning and intensity difference positioning. The time difference positioning mechanism is the same signal in the playback system between the two channels there is a time difference, positioning the bias sound appears earlier in the channel. The intensity difference positioning mechanism is the same signal in the playback system there is a poor intensity, positioning bias level of the larger channel.

Depth positioning has a certain range, the listener can feel the sound back to the rear of the speaker plane, you can also feel the sound went to the front of the speaker plane. In terms of practical experience, the greater the volume of the loudspeaker, the more obvious the feeling from the front to the back.

Any position on the dimension may be related to the positioning of other dimensions of the relationship between the use of the effect of several dimensions can also have an impact. The author discusses these factors separately, in order to grasp the three dimensions of the Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds system on the positioning, help in the post-production process more rational distribution of signals, so that both in technology and art can achieve satisfactory results.

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