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Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds Supports Mono And Stereo Switching

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Speaking of the current headset, the most common headset is the wired headset, followed by the wireless Bluetooth headset, have to say, from the wired headset to the wireless headset is a step forward is a huge step forward, but we humans are not satisfied with this, we How can we make better use of headphones? We thought that it was not possible to use wireless charging and wireless headset together?

After a series of research and development and testing, and finally a team developed such a Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds, to achieve a real wireless charging, and finally this ear to achieve such a technological breakthrough.

This earplugs from the appearance and ordinary sports earplugs generally no two, fully fit the shape of the ear and the use of memory foam material makes this earplugs are very good, not only to ensure the safety of earplugs, and also very Comfortable. The ear plug of the wireless charging technology to come from its internal N52 magnet and wireless charger dedicated copper coil. The design of the wireless charger is also used in the design of the style of Vina,Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds in the round cover below the two N52 magnet pieces, respectively, to the two ear plugs to provide charging.

And this wireless earbuds battery life is also very amazing, do not look at it only 5g of weight, after fully charged can support playing ten hours of music, and also supports mono and stereo switching. Have to say, do not look small ear, but the internal technology is still very high content.

Such a wireless charging earplugs, at present only black and white two,Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds for the time being only landing to the co-chip site, there is no spot for sale. Of course, if some friends really like it, you can see, presumably such an earplugs like sports friends is still very convenient.

In fact, the size of the earplugs and ear hanging, the design is also a result of extensive research conclusions. Basically, the inner ear hangs and outside Ear hanging for most people's ear type,Music Stereo Wireless Earbuds to provide the most comfortable sense of wearing.

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