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What Is The Sensitivity Of The Headset?

- Jul 06, 2017 -

What is the sensitivity of the headset?

Headphone sensitivity refers to the headset input 1 mW power when the headset can send the sound pressure level (sound pressure unit is decibel, the greater the sound pressure the greater the volume), so the higher the general sensitivity, the smaller the impedance, headphones The easier it is to speak, the easier it is to drive.

Usually the sensitivity of the headset is actually the sensitivity level of the headset, which is applied to the headset 1mW of electric power, the headset produced by the simulation of the ear (dummy head) in the sound pressure level, 1mW power is the frequency 1000Hz when the standard impedance of the headset based on the calculation. The unit of sensitivity is dB / mW, and the other is not commonly used dB / Vrms, that is, 1Vrms voltage applied to the headphones produced when the sound pressure level. High sensitivity means to achieve a certain sound pressure level required power is small, and now the dynamic headphones are generally more than 90dB / mW sensitivity, if it is for the Walkman election headphones, the sensitivity of the best in 100dB / mW or better The

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