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Headphones To Choose High Impedance, Noise Reduction Is Good

- Sep 27, 2017 -

China is currently no hearing safety mandatory standards, poor quality headphones may cause permanent loss of hearing. If you need to wear headphones often users, the best choice for high impedance, noise reduction good headphones, you can filter out the noise outside, effectively protect your hearing.

The maximum volume should not exceed 60% of the total headphone volume, listen to some of their own sound relatively large, more harsh music to pay attention to reduce the volume, the external sound is too large try not to use headphones.

Adults use the Headphones every day is best not more than 3 to 4 hours, adolescents due to hearing organs have not yet mature, not more than 1 to 2 hours a day. In addition, each time not more than 30 minutes, after listening to a period of time to remove the Headphones, gently rubbing, relax ears.

Do not use the Headphones before going to bed, so that the ears have enough rest time, many people used to listen to music before going to bed to sleep, if you can not change this habit, it is best to set the time within 30 minutes automatically shut down.

If you work long hours in a high decibel environment, please remember that every week as far as possible to the mountains and water, where the birds walk away, which is not only beneficial to your physical and mental health, for hearing is also a good maintenance. If there is no time, then listen to some with the natural sound of light music.

Headphones for a long time without cleaning will adhere to many bacteria, relatively weak resistance to people because of these bacteria and sick. Headphones lend to others after use, with particular attention to cleaning, you can use a better quality wipes disinfection, you can also use alcohol dipped in cotton swab.

If you often appear tinnitus, listen to people around the speech, auditory hallucinations or other hearing-related issues, then it should be particularly careful, it is best to check the hospital. Long time in the concert hall, KTV, nightclubs, bars and other places to work more attention to protect their own hearing. In addition, walking on the road is best not to wear headphones, and if there is any sudden situation, others told you can not hear, prone to accidents.

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