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Headphones Headset Performance, Sound Quality Of The Best State

- Jun 02, 2017 -

In modern life, wearing a Headphones into a small partner new habits, listening to the music everywhere can not do without it. Can not just buy long headphones inexplicable is not easy to use what the ghost, headphones short life reason is what? How can I extend the life of the Headphones? Xiao Bian this to everyone Weapon

The quality is not bad headphones, did not fall too water, but always inexplicable bad use. If the pro headphones often appear this situation, may be in the following recipe!

New headphones to burning machine

Burning machine is the initial use of a new Headphones is an important part of the formal use before the need for new headphones to work for some time to achieve Headphones performance, sound quality of the best condition. Burning machine generally need to go through the following steps:

1) Use the volume of one-third of the normal listening intensity to drive the Headphones for 12 hours.

(2) use the normal listening intensity of two-thirds of the volume drive headphones for 12 hours.

(3) Use the normal listening intensity to drive the headphones for four hours.

(4) Use the normal listening intensity to drive the Headphones for 72 hours.

(5) into the normal use phase.

(6) in the normal use of the volume is not too easy, not easy to exceed the highest volume of two-thirds.

Headphones are equipped with tips

Remove the Headphones from the sound source, you should pinch the plug together with the pull out, must not pull the Headphones line; Headphones as far as possible when the correct winding method to prevent the Headphones line knot, you can also use the reel and other gadgets The

3Maintenance headphones have a coup

In the Headphones to do cleaning, the small partners should choose a small brush and other cleaning tools will be cut hole earwax removed, you can also use soft hair toothbrush, and then gently wipe with a handkerchief scarf can not use hard cleaning tools. When the Headphones is idle, the little partner puts the Headphones in a clean, dry place. At the same time try to avoid the high temperature or too low temperature in the case of using headphones.

It is important to use headphones correctly

Small partners in the running or other fitness activities, as far as possible with a fixed clip fixed in the neckline and other suitable positions to prevent the ear line due to pulling, twisting lead to damage.

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