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Why Is The Apple Data Line Easy To Bad? Look At Their Differences You Understand

- Jul 11, 2017 -

In today's mobile Internet era, the phone seems to be gradually we can not easily put down the life tools. Of course, in addition to mobile phones, our daily life also has many other types of digital products. They appear on the one hand to meet our needs; the other side is that we have also added a daily work - to charge them.


To charge the digital equipment was originally a humble little thing, many friends may be more concerned about this small thing will be on the phone charger, it is also true, after all, substandard or not compatible with the charger is easy Causing damage to the equipment. However, the difference between the data lines may not understand the number of people. Today, Xiao Bian want to talk about this is a small data line material differences.


What is the data line to say, not on a line plus two plugs? In fact, we all know that the market is still still common data lines are divided into: Mirco USB data cable, Apple Lightning data lines and the latest Type-C data lines three categories, they are in addition to some of the plug standard is not the same, in the main Material, especially the line material, there are also considerable differences. Different grades, the quality of the data line, the use of different materials, in our daily use of the process for the durability and stability are also significantly different.

Earlier, MP3 and MP4 popular to occupy the era of young people must be the terminal, with supporting most of the data lines are used PVC material as a skin material. Why choose PVC, relatively cheap cost and simple processing technology is the main reason why most manufacturers choose it.


Although the cheap, but the PVC material is also a good performance, because of high hardness, slightly flammable characteristics and is widely used in data lines, sockets and electrical appliances shell. Even on the present, many standard comes with the "original" data cable is still using the PVC material. However, it has a fatal flaw! That is containing toxic substances.


As PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is a polymer synthetic materials, in the artificial process, a large number of additives such as toxic plasticizers, peroxide, etc. can be successfully made. It is precisely these additives will release toxic substances, long-term contact with the human body after the data, ranging from the human skin will stimulate the occurrence of allergies; weight through the mouth into the human body, against the human organs. And according to Xiaobian years of experience in the past few years found that many cheap data lines using substandard PVC material, which contains more toxic substances, and more volatile, you are also found that some data lines are often spoiled taste, yes , Mostly low-grade PVC data lines.

So, in addition to PVC material data lines, there are other materials? After the popularity of PVC, a kind of thermoplastic elastomer TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material gradually into our line of sight.


Compared to PVC, TPE is the first major feature in the process of composite processing without curing and too many additives, non-toxic, safe smell not too much smell, the human skin will not cause irritation. Do not believe? Touch your Apple data lines, the original lightning data lines are basically TPE.

In addition, the use of TPE material better plasticity, made of soft wire, coupled with the deployment of a variety of beautiful colors (PVC data lines mostly "non-black that white"), data can also be made into a variety of skin patterns, There are scrubs, polished and skinned. Style diversification is very suitable for manufacturers to customize according to demand, it is not difficult to explain why Apple almost all data lines and headset wire are TPE material.


Although the advantages of TPE body is much stronger than PVC, but it can not cover it more fragile side. This is especially the iPhone users should be quite sentiment, not friends have said that sentence ridicule words: Apple data cable is the iPhone users will change the product every year. Maybe we change the new iPhone every year, but for the matching data cable may we 2-3 years are not necessarily deliberately replaced once.

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