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Decryption MFi Certification: Apple Data Cable Why Expensive

- Jul 11, 2017 -

In the Apple store in China, the price of a data line is 149 yuan, which and the general user's price awareness is clearly a big gap. Why is the price of the Apple data line so expensive? The fundamental reason is that Apple through the MFi (Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad) certification control of its "ecosystem." All companies want to produce Apple certified accessories, must be MFi certification.

In addition to Apple's original data line, the Apple data line has been a huge amount of third-party market. Insiders told reporters that in Shenzhen Huaqiang North, a large brand sold a month there are millions of data lines, hundreds of thousands of monthly manufacturers are countless.

Andrews mobile phone data line common, and the major Android mobile phone brand to take "stocking" way management is different from the Apple on the production of iPhone, iPad cable manufacturers unified with the MFi standard strict constraints. Each Apple data cable connector head position set by Apple to carry out "their own" qualification of the chip, each iOS system upgrade, Apple lighting line interface chip password will be upgraded, not through the MFi certified cottage data cable Immediately fail.

In this way, according to the MFi standard assessment of enterprise qualification authorized factory operations, through the designated traders - Avnet, to the MFi enterprises to provide chips, connectors, designated by the Deloitte & Touche (Hong Kong) company regularly review the authorized factory, issued a verification report.

Shenzhen, a MFi authorized general manager of the "Daily Economic News" reporter, a production line of data companies want to apply for MFi certification, the bottom line is to have self-built factories, factories can not be less than 2000 square meters, the workers can not be less than 50 As well as ERP systems. In the process of application, the need to repeatedly modify the product design until all the parameters have reached Apple's standard, this process takes about 3 to 5 months.

For MFi products, Apple will have two certification, respectively, AGS and OTA certification, the cost of about 550 US dollars and about 1,500 US dollars.

Apple will specify the Deloitte audit each application qualification of the manufacturers, every 1 to 2 years will also check the qualified manufacturers, in order to protect the third-party parts company's production standards, which only through this way to buy Apple designated Supplier of components. Of course, Apple's profits are included in the purchase price.

To Apple designated IT components distributor Avnet chips, each cost about $ 0.5. But if taking into account the needs of the material to meet the test, each data line than the "cottage" data line costs at least 15 yuan higher.

In this system, manufacturers can freely design creative appearance to improve the premium. Reporters learned from the industry, through the introduction of leather, jewelry and other creative design, product prices can reach 180 yuan, higher than the original iPhone data line prices.

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