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Apple Released USB-C / Lightning Direct Data Cable

- Jul 11, 2017 -

Apple has always liked to become more and more thinning of their own equipment and more powerful, so a variety of features more powerful and more mini-interface will appear in Apple's products. Last year, its new 12-inch MacBook introduced the Type-C interface, although this interface is likely to become the future of mobile phones and computer standard, but the current market support Type-C interface equipment is not much, the most embarrassing is Including iPhone and iPad users also need to transfer cable to achieve the equipment connection.

Apple looks like this is also aware of this problem, Apple recently launched a USB Type-C and Lightning to achieve direct data lines, to eliminate their own brother products also need to use the adapter to connect the embarrassment. It is reported that this data line is 1 meter and 2 meters long to choose from, the price was $ 25 and $ 35, and this is about 160 yuan and 230 yuan.

     Obviously this new data line can save the trouble of the transfer line, but the price is much more expensive than the adapter, as is the choice of cheap transfer line or easy to buy USB-C / Lightning direct data cable, which in turn Enough for consumers to tangled for a while.

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