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How To Avoid Overcharging When Charging?

- Jul 11, 2017 -

With the deepening of the demand for mobile entertainment, mobile phone battery capacity of the exposed more and more obvious, so the bottleneck of the battery technology bottlenecks, many manufacturers come up with a compromise, that is fast charge. In fact, for many people, fast charge is a very good technical application, after all, can use another form to a great extent to enhance the battery life time. But with the popularity of fast charge, another troubled people also appeared, and that is the charger fever problem, when the entertainment ability to reach the peak, people slowly focus on the security level, which is understandable, Then the charger in the end is not a problem? Can you cool it by way? We focus on this period to talk about those things charger.

Why does the charger heat up?

Before talking about this thing, we first understand the principle of charger fever, in fact, a large charger components are: high-voltage capacitors, switches, high-frequency transformers, the three components of the temperature is quite high. To reduce the temperature of these three components is not difficult, in general, the output current constant circumstances, the high-frequency transformer power is relatively large, with high-power high-frequency transformer temperature is much smaller. Simply put, is to give it the extra power, as if the carts pull small things as effortless. Of course, switch tube cooling is easier, as long as it is installed enough heat sink on the line. However, due to volume constraints, it is impossible to reduce calorific value. So, the charger is hot is inevitable things.

Understand the principle, we can easily understand why the current charger will be hot:

1, first of all this and the charger output current intensity and ambient temperature. With the popularity of smart phones, charger requirements are getting higher and higher, the function of the era of 500ma charger has been unable to meet the user's demand for charging speed, and we said in front of the fast charge, in fact, So we see the current common charger current in more than 2A.

2, in addition to the current upgrade, the charger is also a key factor in volume, in order to facilitate carrying, we often like the smaller charger, manufacturers are also developing a small direction toward the development of small. But the volume becomes smaller, the cooling performance will be worse, the higher the requirements of electronic components. Take the capacitor, the high-voltage capacitor in the same capacity to keep the case, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and in terms of pressure and temperature even better, but not enough pressure breakdown capacitor, temperature is not enough burst Open capacitance.

3, in addition, the charger temperature with the charger switch tube also has a great relationship, switch tube specifications if not high, then the current through, the heat will be more.

In fact, theoretically, the charger even if the heat, it is difficult to appear spontaneous combustion explosion, the official charger is to go through the safety inspection, in line with standards can be put into production, of course, this is only genuine charger, if it is cottage Charger, it is another matter. Cottage charger itself, the stability of the output voltage is not as good as the original charger, which will cause a slow charge, charger fever and other serious problems. Spontaneous combustion is very likely to happen, so we should try to avoid the use of non-official channels to buy the charger.

How to try to avoid the charger fever

Excuse the cottage charger problem, the rest of the things is relatively simple, we know that even with the original charger, or there will be serious heat situation, then how to avoid this situation as much as possible? In fact, very simple, in fact, the charger and the output current intensity and the relationship between ambient temperature, then we can proceed from these two points to find a way to solve the problem.

1, first of all we can put in a cool environment to charge. Such as air-conditioned rooms.

2, try to avoid playing the phone when charging, charging the phone will lead to more than the normal use of the charger to work for some time, a long time will reduce the life of the charger, but also cause the phone itself fever.

3, to avoid overcharging, the phone is full, even trickle charge, will lead to overload operation of the charger, become overheating, so when the phone is full to develop the habit of unplugging the charger, in particular, do not sleep Before the charge, the next morning to pull out the habit.

4, the charger must be placed away from the heat source, especially to avoid heating side, so as not to cause the environment is too high lead overheating charger.

Familiar with these four points, to develop a good charging habits, the danger will naturally be away from everyone, well, today's question and answer to here, and throw a small problem, we can discuss in the thread area, we are How about charging?

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