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Discussion On Technical Difficulties And Solutions Of TPU / TPE Halogen - Free Flame Retardant Cable

- Jul 08, 2017 -

At present, TPU / TPE halogen-free flame retardant cable materials are widely used, the current application of more mobile phone data lines, headset lines, industrial cables, automotive cables, military cables. In the application process we have not encountered some problems and technical difficulties? I believe that everyone in the industry can say one or two, but the product standards are getting higher and higher, the market is also growing, halogen-free flame retardant environmental protection has been Is the trend, now lists a few in their actual work encountered problems and solutions.

    1, wire surface is not smooth

    TPE wire processing often occurs, generally because the temperature is not adjusted and the flame retardant mixture caused by uneven, there may be caused by incorrect mold selection, of course, with the material formula also has a great relationship. Experienced manufacturers will rule out the equipment problems, after repeated debugging can also find the right temperature, but the choice of appropriate materials, and the specific formula will be careful engineers, it is recommended to communicate with the raw material suppliers to communicate, know the physical properties of materials And processing considerations, the selected material, will be more effective! TPU wire relative to the TPE wire surface processing will be better.

    2, wire surface precipitation

    So far no one of the material to ensure that no precipitation, the specific precipitation performance: the surface white, oil or mist. With the current technology, this problem has not been resolved. It is advisable for the customer to choose the surface with a slight whitening material when selected, which does not affect its physical and electrical properties. The surface of the material do not use oil, easy to use in the fall off, off the skin. The other precipitation is also the severity of the points, good material it is a slight precipitation, but also in the short term is not easy to happen, even if the hand gently wipe like a good.

    3, the surface scraping white and off the skin off the plastic

    Scraping is caused by the addition of PP and PE ingredients in the material and can be improved. There are some manufacturers do the product will not be white, but TPE more difficult than the TPU. If the skin off the skin that is very general, and here to say, recipe!

    4. Processing difficulty

    Elasticity in the processing speed is relatively slow, about 50% slower than PVC. The temperature is not good to adjust, transfer time to waste a lot of material, but also to do before the washing machine, waste can be described as not small. These are inevitable. In the production sometimes there will be all the production of normal, post-processing problems have happened. In this need to explain that the deputy card is at risk, the use of caution.

    Flame retardant TPE / TPU is a very unique material, the current TPE / TPU flame retardant is indeed difficult to overcome the problem, but the current level of technology, or we need in the selection, recipe, process more work to produce The market you have the best quality products, it can be said that every ring is essential.

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