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Uniform Fast Charge Standard! USB PD 3.0 Officially Released

- Jul 08, 2017 -

Battery capacity is not enough, charge speed to Minato. At this stage, fast charge has become a thousand dollars more than the standard mobile phone, the more popular programs are Qualcomm Quick Charge, OPPO VOOC, Huawei's low-voltage high-current, USB PD and so on. However, different mobile phone charger can not be universal (fast charge), it is very uncomfortable.

Media reports, USB-IF organization recently released USB PD3.0 important update, designed to quickly charge the technical specifications of the PPS (Programmable Power Supply), to achieve the Qualcomm QC4.0 / 3.0, MediaTek PE3.0 / 2.0 , Huawei / OPPO and other programs incorporated.

     At the same time, USB PPS and China's Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Labor reached a consensus, is expected to achieve unity with the national standard.

Specifications, USB PD3.0 added PPS (programmable), the output voltage range from 5V extended to 3.0V ~ 21V. At the same time, step modulation voltage is 20mV, so that low-voltage high-current direct charge way possible.

     It is reported that the new version of the USB PD3.0 will not allow USB interface through non-USBPD protocol to achieve voltage adjustment, consumers can finally look forward to in 2017 began to enjoy the convenience of the adapter.

     In addition, Google in the Andrews 7.0 OEM specification clearly pointed out that the fast charge must be based on the USB PD, can be considered a sign of forced PPS introduced.

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