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Forbes: AirPods Or More Promising Than Apple Watch

- Jul 08, 2017 -

Although AirPods are now very hard to buy, but this does not affect its position in some people's minds. "Forbes" magazine wrote today that AirPods may be more promising than Apple Watch:

     "Apple's latest wireless headset, that is, AirPods have been sold this week, but soon, AirPods there was a serious shortage of demand, the current product in some parts of the delivery time has been postponed to February next year, but , We think AirPods is likely to replace Apple 's smart wear products, that is, Apple Watch, Apple' s product line to become the most glittering star.

"Forbes" that, in the long run, AirPods both in terms of overall revenue or operating profit has more than Apple Watch's potential. The media pointed out that, as with other wireless Bluetooth headphones on the market, AirPods can bring high quality music experiences for Apple users, but it has a unique advantage: it can be used in conjunction with Apple's product ecology, specifically You can use Siri.

     In the current market, no one of the manufacturers have such a headset and their own ecological environment with the ability to integrate, which is "Forbes" optimistic about the future development of AirPods one of the reasons. Do you think it makes sense?

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