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Do Not Underestimate The AirPods This Headset In The Future I Am Afraid Than The Apple Table Also Make Money

- Jul 08, 2017 -

According to foreign media reports, although the price of Apple AirPods is only $ 159, much lower than the Apple Watch 269-1499 price range, but the famous Apple analyst Munster that the next decade this belong to the accessories of the small headphones I am afraid to make money than Apple Watch.

    Munster expects that by 2022 fiscal year, AirPods revenue and Apple Watch will be flat. In addition, after successive functional upgrades, the average price of the product in the future will rise to $ 200.

    "Over the next decade, AirPods will grow into products that are higher than Apple Watch's revenue, and when it comes to new features, it will evolve into wearable devices with audio enhancements," Munster said.

    In fact, Apple has never published AirPods and Apple Watch specific sales, they are included in the earnings of the "other products" category, and iPods, Apple TV, Beats products and other accessories mixed together.

    Last quarter, Apple "other products" category revenue reached 2.87 billion US dollars, an increase of up to 31%. Last month, Cook also said that the AirPods market reacted enthusiastically, and now in the official website to buy also have to wait for 6 weeks. In addition, Beats products are selling very hot, only "other products" this category, last year's revenue will be able to enter the Fortune 500 Fortune.

    For most people, such a small two headphones to sell 159 dollars has been quite expensive, but Apple analyst Sebate that such a price if put 10 years ago can not imagine, when Apple will certainly be the price For $ 249 or even $ 299, after all, when the Silicon Valley giants often in the product by adding "Apple tax."

    At the same time, Sebate that AirPods after the birth of the wireless headset market suck all the oxygen, forcing other manufacturers to take the road of transformation or through the price to grab the market.

    AirPods are impressive, and recent surveys show that the wireless headset's consumer satisfaction rate is as high as 98%.

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