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The Role Of Silicone Sleeve Sets Of Silicone Sets

- Jul 07, 2017 -

History of development

Silicone mobile phone sets from silence to hot 90s early, the phone began to prevail, then there is a very domineering name "Big Brother", and with the rapid development of communication technology, "Big Brother" more thinner, more and more beautiful appearance , The function is more and more powerful. To now, mobile phones have become popular, become a necessity, go out essential things. With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone peripheral accessories also flourished, especially worth mentioning is the changes in mobile phone protection development, from practical to fashion, from heavy to light, from simple to retro, continue to create their own fashion culture.

Kaiyuan industry in the digital accessories brand also mobile phone silicone protective shell areas continue to increase efforts to develop, and now accessories market silicone protective shell dazzling, become a beautiful landscape. When the phone just out of that moment, the protective cover of the original function is relatively simple, is to protect the phone, equipped with mobile phones, easy to carry. "Big Brother" silicone protective shell is very monotonous, the "Big Brother" wrapped like a baby, the lack of beauty. The late 90s, with a mobile phone is generally mature men, that time is very popular to the phone hanging on the belt, it is easy to access. At that time the protective cover is basically a cortical material, highlighting the mature atmosphere, but the lack of style and appearance of innovation, of course, the phone is not today's popularity.

To 2000 years later, mobile phone prices, college students, high school students have begun to popularize the phone, and mobile phone became a "three of the goods." We do not like to hang the phone in the waist, as if that look old some of the old. This time the light of cotton, velvet, silk protective cover have emerged. This time more and more silicone protective shell material, more and more styles, protective shell embarked on a wide range of roads, but the mobile phone silicone protective shell market is not hot. After 2007, smart phones began to force, with the arrival of 3G era, smart phone development has become an irreversible trend of the world. High-end intelligent machine demand is increasing, especially Apple's mobile phone detonated the market, silicone mobile phone accessories once again rise, professional digital accessories brand in the country continue to create. [1] Dongguan Kaiyuan Industry is focused on the field of digital accessories brand, the brand mobile phone protection shell up to a dozen series, hundreds of models. From a single picture to a 3D graphic, from the Scottish Check to the natural dew, a variety of elements to decorate the silicone protective shell. Kaiyuan Industrial use of modern advanced technology and fashion concept, to create a new personality of the mobile phone silicone protective shell [2].

It can be seen, silicone protective shell has been out of a single protection, it is more to the pursuit of fashion, expression of personality, in this small carrier to create more creativity and novelty. Today, when buying mobile phone silicone protective shell, perhaps consider how to match the bag to look good? It starts to dress up our life, the future of the phone Silicone Case I believe more is telling the fashion.


Silicone, silicone, PDA, mobile phone, PSP, digital camera, GPS and other more common personal consumer electronics products, from the most common use of silicone products in the category of silicone gifts, silicone cover is widely used, commonly used in Mp3 / Mp4 player, The main role is to protect electronic products drop, scratch;

Protective cover material is soft, flexible, protective equipment, according to the thickness of the silicone sleeve, with a certain degree of cushioning, if the thickness is enough, coupled with reasonable structural design, can protect the product has a drop function (both normal use , Such as accidentally slipping to the ground, can effectively avoid the collision of the machine and the ground damage caused) with the corresponding silicone sleeve we call it Mp3 silicone sets, Mp4 silicone sets, iPod silicone sets, PDA silicone sets, PSP silicone sets, digital camera silicone sets, GPS silicone sets.


1, anti-hard objects in the phone screen or fuselage left scratches.

2, can be printed on a variety of colors, beautiful, generous

3, to prevent the nail for a long time with the key contact scratches, worn, a protective screen and the role of the button;

4, the role of non-slip; and feel the quality is very good.

5, Apple phone sets, but also has the role of enhanced signal, because some mobile phone shell and metal contact after the formation of magnetic field interference with the phone signal, to the phone to wear insulated mobile phone sets, you can enhance the signal.


Silicone jacket material is a highly active adsorption material, is an amorphous material, the chemical formula for the mSiO2 · nH2O. Insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any substance. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel, it has many other similar materials difficult to replace the characteristics of: adsorption performance, good thermal stability, chemical stability, high mechanical strength, etc.


The color of the silicone sleeve is made by adding a certain color paste to the silicone material. In theory, Pantone color card can be deployed on the color, the actual situation, there will be a certain degree of color.

Choose silicone

Silicone case (Ketaili) is the most well-known type of mobile phone case. It is soft texture, feel slightly slippery, the popular market has been for many years. From the shoddy spread to the development of well-made personality brand, market share has always been leading. Because of its excellent cost-effective, silicone sets later MP3, iPod hot, but also popular, by many people of all ages. Silicone sleeve is divided into two kinds, one is organic silicone, the other is inorganic silica gel. Now on the market of mobile phone silicone sets are basically the former. The advantages of organic silicone, such as high temperature resistance, good resistance (not afraid of ultraviolet or ozone decomposition), good insulation, material stability (not with the animal body changes). In addition, people choose silicone sets, but also because of its good feel: part of the keyboard blunt phone, set the silicone sleeve will be improved. And can absorb some bumps on the impact of the phone, thereby reducing the damage to the phone. In addition, the silicone sleeve waterproof performance is better, it has become its biggest selling point. Although the advantages of silicone sets a lot, and the price is low. But there are still shortcomings, due to poor ventilation, long-term wear will lead to cell phone body heat. Especially part of the heat is very high smart phone, it is not recommended for users. Moreover, the silicone sleeve itself has a slight sticky, the use of a period of time will gather a lot of dust on the phone, the long run, but not conducive to the beautiful mobile phone, and protect the original intention of the phone contrary. In addition to the above precautions, the purchase of mobile phone silicone sleeve is also worth noting that one or two. Now the silicone sleeve dazzling, stall, shopping malls in the supermarket, the mobile phone market can be seen everywhere. But it is not bought on the phone model on everything, the price of cheap silicone sets are often poor quality, not set is not, is the location of asymmetry. Good quality is really good, effective protection is king. At present, most of the regular price of silicone sets, but more than ten dollars, no need for cheap and lost due to small.

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