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Waterproof Phone Sets Really Waterproof? Waterproof Phone Bag Useful?

- Jul 07, 2017 -

I heard that now go to the island tourism, mobile phone waterproof cover is essential, a small bag, the price is not expensive, but known as water within 10 meters, 100% does not leak, so even underwater, you can also normal Use the phone. So, these mobile phone waterproof cover really waterproof? Take you to understand the truth of the phone waterproof cover.

We in accordance with the different price, online purchase of four mobile phone waterproof cover. Respectively: the price of 3 5 5 No. 1 sample; 14 9 of the No. 2 sample; 49 dollars on the 3rd sample, and 98 dollars on the 4th sample.

First, the No. 1 sample was tested for waterproofing effect.

Soak for some time, we found that No. 1 phone waterproof sets of paper towels, has been "in the move", paper towels appeared on the large pieces of water stains. Subsequently, we used the same method, respectively, on the 234 waterproof jacket samples were tested.

After the same time of soaking, we found that the No. 2 sample within the paper towel, the edge of the location was soaked a small part of the No. 3 sample paper towels, there are some water stains, and 3 comes with waterproof strip, Wet phenomenon; No. 4 waterproof sets of samples, although the seal at the residual water stains, but inside the paper towels, but no wet. So, from the experimental results, the price of 98 sets of waterproof sets, waterproof effect is the best, and the cheapest No. 1 waterproof sets of samples, waterproof effect at the end.

It seems that not every phone waterproof bag, can achieve business publicity waterproof, moisture-resistant magical effect. According to the experimental results, although the sealing strip more thick texture waterproof sets, the effect will be relatively better, but if the water soak for too long, or too large water pressure, even the best waterproof sets, or easy to appear Water situation, so it is best to avoid using the phone in the water. And if it is in the surrounding water environment, the use of mobile phone waterproof cover, for safety reasons, before use, but also do a good job waterproof test, check the seal of the waterproof cover and whether there is damage around.

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