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Bluetooth Headset Basic Knowledge

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Bluetooth headset basic knowledge

Q: Why is our headset full of electricity and boot, why still can not and my Bluetooth function with the use of mobile phones?

A: You must first start the phone's Bluetooth function and make your phone paired with the headset to use.

Q: Can Bluetooth headset be paired with all mobile phones?

A: No, this headset can only be used with a Bluetooth-enabled phone to match.

Q: How long is the communication distance between headphones and mobile phones?

A: The headset has been certified by Bluetooth BQB, in line with Bluetooth V2.0 version, while backward compatible with V1.5, V1.2, V1.1, V1.0, CLASS II standard, the communication distance is as far as 10 meters, Due to environmental interference, may have a certain impact, and some mobile phone Bluetooth communication function is less than 10 meters, will also affect the communication distance.

Q: Why do I find many other Bluetooth devices when my Bluetooth phone searches for a Bluetooth device?

A: Most Bluetooth phones are allowed to find one or more Bluetooth devices in the communication range, when the search is completed, your phone display will appear this product or Unknown Devices and other words in your phone's display The

Q: Why can not my phone find my headset?

A: You must set the headset in pairing mode, the phone can find the headset. Please refer to the headset manual to set the headset in pairing mode.

Q: Do I have to pair each time I use my headset?

A: No. All the two Bluetooth devices that have been paired will always be paired, either on, reboot, or replace the battery.

Q: Why is the sound heard from the headset is not clear?

A: There may be two reasons:

(1) your location phone signal is too weak, please change a good place to receive;

(2) the distance between the headset and the phone more than the communication distance, make sure the phone and the headset distance of 10 meters, and there is no obvious interference around the source.

Q: How to solve the headset sound is not clear?

A: adjust the volume of the phone or press the headset volume button to increase the volume of the headset, and determine your location is the phone received signal strong position.

Q: Why is the headset suddenly shut down?

A: (1) may be your headset no electricity. When the headset power is low, it will flash the red light, please charge in time;

(2) may be your phone's Bluetooth function off the machine. If this happens, turn the phone off or turn off the phone's Bluetooth function and turn it on again.

Q: Why can not my headset start the voice dialing feature?

A: (1) Please use the headset to re-record the voice dialing voice;

(2) Some phones do not support voice dialing (see the phone manual).

Q: How do I get into voice dialing?

A: Mono headset in the standby mode, press the multi-function button (power button) to enter the voice dial, stereo headset in the standby mode quickly press twice to enter the voice dialing state.

Q: How does the headset listen to MP3 songs?

A: long press the volume up when you hear the beep immediately release the realization of the song, long hold down the volume to listen to the beep soon after the release that is to achieve the next song function.

Q: Why headset for a long time to put charge, can not open the machine, and charge the blue light?

A: The headset for a long time, the battery power consumption, because the battery inside the headset is lithium polymer, power consumption is easy to make the battery damage, if you encounter this situation, it is best to insert the charger charge, Light, when the charge half an hour later, pull out the charger again, if the red light at this time continue to let it charge, once again bright blue light you will find the headset can be used normally, if still not, it shows that lithium Put and damage. Recommendation: headphones if not long when not the best time to the headset to charge a power.

Q: What is the correct way for a stereo Bluetooth headset to be charged?

A: The correct way to charge is when the headset has a low power beep when it is necessary to charge, charge the first plug in the charger and then plug the end of the charger into the mains, this will help extend the use of headphones life.

Q: Stereo Bluetooth headset can be connected to the computer to charge it?

A: No, because the charging port pin definition is not the same, so use the charger to charge the job, otherwise it may damage the Bluetooth headset.

Pair (or any Bluetooth device)

When using this headset on a Bluetooth phone or other Bluetooth product, you must pair before using it for the first time.

1. The headset must be turned off.

2. Press and hold the call key for 5 seconds to see the blue light and red light flashing alternately, then the headset has entered the pairing mode.

3. Make sure your hand has Bluetooth and turn on the search for Bluetooth devices. Please refer to the mobile phone manual for operation.

4. When your phone enters a search for a new Bluetooth device status, it indicates that it will be able to find the Bluetooth function.

5. Please select and match.

6. Enter the Bluetooth headset password and press YES. If the pairing is successful, the headset's indicator light will flash (flash every two seconds). Some phones will need to press the CONNECT again after pairing (please read the instructions carefully).

7. When the headset is in standby mode, you can answer and make a call.

8. If the pairing is not successful, please pair it again.

9. When pairing, the distance between the phone and the headset is best kept between 10-100 cm. And to ensure that there is no metal obstruction in the middle.

10. When you are using the headset and other Bluetooth devices are paired, if you are asked to enter the security code, just enter "0000" can be. For details, please refer to the Bluetooth manual.

11. The device that has been paired will remain paired forever, even if the following occurs:

(1) One of the power supplies is turned off.

(2) One of the servers is interrupted or stopped.

(3) any one device reboots.

12. Read the instructions carefully and use the product correctly.

13. Place the Bluetooth device away from your child and prevent your child from eating.

14. Do not clean the product with liquid or spray cleaner.

15. Do not clean the product when charging.

16. Please do not disassemble the device yourself. If you have any problems, please contact the retailer.

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