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Stereo Bluetooth Headset Works

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Stereo Bluetooth Headset works

In the past, the application of Bluetooth headset, mostly voice transmission, and the emergence of Bluetooth stereo headphones, not only to break the past only to speak the scope of the phone, but also can be used to listen to mobile phones and computer music. What is the secret of a Bluetooth stereo headset? Let me tell you.

Did you find that more and more people on the street often talk to yourself? Wait until you look at a look will find that they are using the "Bluetooth headset" talk about the phone. And with the TV in the mobile phone advertising non-stop play, you will find a lot of people began to wear ears with a wireless headset in the streets, in fact, they are with the Bluetooth headset, but with the original single Ear with a Bluetooth headset slightly different, is to support the left and right ears of the two-channel "Bluetooth stereo headphones." This new product emphasizes the binaural stereo sound, not only to experience talking with people like a face-to-face feeling, more directly through the headset to listen to music as CD-like music.

Bluetooth comes from the tenth century AD unified Denmark and Norway, the Nordic King King Harald Bluetooth, is Ericsson (Ericsson) developed a short-range wireless transmission interface, and in 1998 with IBM, Intel , Nokia, Toshiba five manufacturers to set up Bluetooth SIG Bluetooth Alliance (Bluetooth Special Interest Group). The main three features of Bluetooth technology are: non-directional, voice and data transmission, and can be linked to multiple devices.

Currently on the market of Bluetooth headset, most of the Bluetooth 1.1 version of the main, until the recent launch of the new Bluetooth headset manufacturers have adopted 1.2 version. 1.1 version was released by the Bluetooth Alliance in 2001, mainly emphasizing its security (encryption protection) and the operation of the Bluetooth micro-network (Bluetooth device connection), but with the rise of WiFi wireless network, using the same frequency band with Bluetooth Segment, making the Bluetooth 1.1 version often interfere with WiFi problems. In view of this, the Bluetooth Alliance and then released in 2004 version 1.2, the new AFH adaptive frequency hopping technology, not only effectively improve the situation with each other interference with WiFi, while more enhanced data transmission stability.

The latest specification for the Bluetooth Alliance is the 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) version released in November 2004, not only backward compatible with 1.1 and 1.2 specifications, transmission speed up to 3 Mbps per second, Apple's PowerBook And Toshiba's new NoteBook also began to use Bluetooth 2.0 specifications, believe that will soon be fully popular to all the products.

After understanding the technical specifications of Bluetooth, if you want to listen to high-quality stereo music through a Bluetooth device, you must know the term A2DP (Advance Audio Distribution Profile). A2DP can make two devices that support Bluetooth sound transmission in series with each other, whether it is 1.1 or 1.2, can output such as CD quality (16 bits, 44.1 kHz) like music. If any party does not support A2DP, then the sound can only output Hand ※ ※ ree Profile (8 bits, 8 kHz), even if the headset is designed using double headset, which is like a general phone monaural sound quality, and The real stereo is far apart.

1. Bluetooth stereo headset + phone

Bluetooth stereo headset + mobile phone, in addition to the general voice call function, the biggest feature is that you can directly through the Bluetooth stereo headphones to listen to the music played in the phone. The market built-in A2DP mode of mobile phones, is now more and more popular, with Bluetooth stereo headset, you can directly link with the phone, the music to listen.

In addition to mobile phone built-in A2DP, the use of Symbain Series 60 operating system phones, such as Nokia 6670,6680 and Panasonic X700, X800 ... and so on, well-known Bluetooth peripheral manufacturers iTech also comes with BluePlayer plug-in, you can make Series 60 mobile phone Support A2DP mode, also enjoy listening to music "wireless" pleasure.

2. Bluetooth stereo headset + personal computer

With the popularity of Bluetooth devices, more and more individuals and notebook computers, also began to build a Bluetooth device. The computer on the Bluetooth application, can be said to be the most type, whether it is the printer, mouse and keyboard links, and even PDA and mobile phone synchronization, can be carried out through the Bluetooth device. At present, the most popular application on the personal computer on the use of Bluetooth headset speak Skype, as long as the computer installed on the Bluetooth receiver, and install the driver, you can use the Bluetooth pairing to solve the wired device line troubles.

Bluetooth stereo headphones after the launch, in addition to can be used for Skype calls, you can also use the headset to listen to the music in the computer, regardless of the computer's Bluetooth receiver specifications are 1.1 or 1.2, as long as the update to support A2DP mode driver After the program (WIDCOMM need to support more than 4.0 version, IVT will need more than 1.4 version), you can support the blue headset to provide stereo sound output, allowing users to experience the "sound" immersive feeling, do not worry about the speaker open too Loud to interfere with other people.

3. Bluetooth stereo headset + music player

If your phone does not support Bluetooth A2DP, but you want to use the Bluetooth headset to listen to music, there are manufacturers introduced for 3.5 mm headphone plug HiFi Bluetooth transmission device. As long as there are 3.5 mm headphone connector music player, such as iPod, MP3 Player, home audio or radio, can be directly converted to Bluetooth wireless transmission device, do not have to use complicated settings, as long as the sender and Bluetooth Stereo headset power, it will be self-matching, so you directly feel the magic of wireless applications.

Bluetooth stereo headphones, can be said to once again lead the Bluetooth topic of a product, because he began to let the Bluetooth from the traditional voice transmission function, to enhance the ability to have music playback. In this trial process, the deepest impression is just to complete the phone and computer Bluetooth pairing set, put on the headset that moment, the music came from the moving.

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