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Teach you how to choose mobile power

- Oct 24, 2016 -

A capacity deficiency

Deficiency is manufacturer rated capacity value is higher than that of mobile power batteries used within the actual capacity. For example the 10000mAh nominal was not reached. Since the elevation of capacity, are attractive to consumers. But consumers will feel these mobile power charging only a few League and, the later power supply fails.

Second, the virtual-high conversion efficiency

That traditional batteries (18650 and polymers), the nominal voltage is 3.7V, mobile phone and other digital products, standard input voltage of 5 v, there exists a problem of conversion efficiency. Coupled with the mobile power own electricity consumption (including: ohmic losses, the loss of circuit switching, voltage loss, power loss, etc), many claimed mobile power conversion efficiency of more than 85%, according to tianjiwang evaluation test in South China, most of the conversion efficiency is between 60%-63%.

Three, posing as import batteries

Bad vendors in the batteries played on, it's a bit like mobile phones, material is shoddy. Doing so not only security can be greatly reduced, increasing the possibility of explosion at power, but also a mobile power industry development.

The fastest four, charging time experiment

Claimed many mobile power charging time only 3-4 hours under full power to charge mobile devices 5 to 6 times. And actually does not reach, charging time is 4 hours or more, under full power only 3 to 4 times to charge mobile devices.

Five, less than 100 recycled life

More frustrating is that some mobile power claimed service life cycle can reach more than 500 times, in fact, used 100 times, he began "impotence", appeared to be inadequate.

Good mobile power must be used before you can judge.

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