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- Oct 24, 2016 -

Big-screen smart phones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras and other, more diversified, more frequently used, especially in business or travel is the peak of the use of terminal equipment, in order to prolong the time of mobile devices, play its full role, purchasing power (charging Po), you should note the following points:

1, see batteries. 18650 and polymer batteries, the preferred polymer batteries, polymer batteries, lighter, not explosions, 18650, heavy, and may explode. Lithium-ion polymer batteries, than normal 18650 batteries makes charging treasure security more secure. Polymer battery discharge characteristics and better, gel-electrolyte, compared with liquid electrolyte gel electrolyte has stable discharge characteristics and high discharge platform.

2, see conversion rates. Mobile power is one of the core conversion rate is high or low. One power supply for charging the mobile phone several times depending on the circuit board conversion rate and battery capacity, battery capacity, circuit board rate is still low as fewer charge cycles, whereas small battery capacity, high power conversion, charging as many times. Usually not professional test equipment case, conversion rates of products for 85% has been on a high, if a nominal conversion rate can exceed 90% words can determine is a hoax.

3, see materials: mobile power supply internal structure is made of imported materials are the key components of domestic material. Booster systems, capacitors and so on.

4, see mobile power brands. Mobile power also no real of brand, main reasons is mobile power real hot produced of time short, on real of brand also early, has many emerging of mobile power brand quality are good, reference mobile power brand, main is consider to these manufacturers sales big, production and products quality will has professional of quality control and detection mechanism, but only do for reference, not do for focus reference factors.

5, see charging management: most of today's mobile power are using common linear charge management, this charger was way too old to keep up with the times, charged Bao with a large capacity to more than 15-20 hours to full charge. Today's smart phones and large capacity internal use pulse charging management, pulse charging with charging current, low temperature, long battery life and other advantages.

6, see compatibility. Supports various brands of mobile phones, handhelds, MP3, MP4, digital camera and other digital design. Because of the different specific circuit design, product that each of these products support the charge of an electron. Specific practice, frequently used electronic products are brought to the counter to test the machine, so can't promise how good his compatibility, but at least do not buy not to recharge things.

7, see product features. Features are many, such as anti-reversed circuit design, protects the products from being damaged. Dual interface design can ensure at the same time more than one electronic product needs. Can purchase different products according to their own preferences.

8, identify product positioning. For example if it is a long time travel, backpacker travelers consider purchasing bulk products. If it is out to prevent cell phone battery case, a medium capacity compact product would be preferred. There are mobile power supply designed specifically for iphone4.

9, pay attention to the weight of the product. We used to have this kind of experience was not very heavy things, hold it in hand for a long time would have felt incredibly heavy. Weights 100g-200g mobile power, too, at the same volume, select lighter products would be a good choice.

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