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About mobile power conversion

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Mobile power conversion rate, not known to many consumers before, in the eyes of consumers, that the mobile power, charging the number of capacity is how much capacity, in fact, this is a wrong idea. Because the world of all things have resistance, then the resistance will be a part of the voltage performance loss, the mobile power supply nominal 5000mAh output 5V voltage, must be a certain loss.

Loss is generally threefold:

1, mobile power itself PCBA protection board. PCBA protection board used to prevent overcharge and charge and buck function. In this part of the loss of a small part.

2, wire. That is, we used to connect the USB line of money, this part if the use of poor quality, the loss is relatively large, from our test data, probably lost nearly 20mAh, proved that the use of wire is also essential.

3, mobile phone or digital device itself. This is also relatively speaking, the resistance value after PCBA. The specific value is the need to decide according to the different mobile phone.

Currently on the market mobile power products, the average data is about 80% or so. Some excellent mobile power in the conversion rate of 90% or more, even less than 70% low. This is the real pit father's products. So the consumer at the time of purchase, please pay attention to this parameter. After the mobile power network in the evaluation of the time, will use some professional equipment to do the test. Please be able to pay attention from time to time.

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