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Mobile power and UPS power supply difference

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Mobile power and UPS power supply difference

UPS power supply is an uninterruptible power supply and is an important external device capable of providing continuous, stable, uninterrupted power supply. UPS according to the working principle is divided into backup, online and online interactive three categories. UPS is the name suggests, it is one such machine, it stops the supply of electricity in the time, to maintain a power supply, so that people have time to save, and then calmly shut down the machine. UPS power supply, divided into on-line and backup, and so on several, it is in the machine work, it will live electricity AC inverter, and stored in their own power supply, once the power supply, it can provide power to make the computer To maintain a period of time to work, to maintain the time may be 10 minutes, half an hour and so on.

Mobile power can be used as mobile phones, digital cameras, digital cameras, notebook computers, PDA, PSP, MP3 / MP4 and other digital electronic charging power or external power supply, you can charge several digital products, digital products can also be long Time continuous power supply, can solve the product digital products in the absence of electricity under the conditions can not be charged and can not work for a long time. Mobile power products due to a large capacity, wide compatibility, light fashion, intelligent security and other characteristics of the widely welcomed.

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