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Mobile power for the first time using common sense

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Today, with the popularity of mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, MP3 and MP4, and so on, people's lives are colorful, but when we talk about the phone, the phone did not power off; when we See the beauty of non-stop shooting, the camera did not power off; bored to work on the bus to listen to music, MP3 no electricity ... ... Yes, all digital products have a common problem: that is, the battery is not to force. Mobile power came into being, mobile power from last year with the outbreak of iPhone4 so far, less than six months, with lightning speed, quickly applied to a variety of digital products. Xiaobian today to introduce the first time under the mobile power how to charge?

Many ordinary users and friends can not help but buy a mobile phone for their love machine, but do not know how to charge the first time the mobile power, in fact, after the mobile power to buy back, generally have about 60% of electricity, Charge, as for the charging method, do not need to charge the new phone as before, the first three times to full 24 hours to activate the battery. The first charge of the mobile power supply is only required to be filled because the mobile power cell is fully activated at the factory.

Mobile power security tips: charge attention to try to put the mobile power in a place where easy to heat, remember can not be placed in the bed.

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