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What is the power cord is not the better power line is better

- Jul 05, 2017 -

What is the power cord is not the better power line is better

With mobile power and mobile phones, to charge it, then there is one thing essential, that is, charging line. On the current market, the mainstream mobile power supply point of view, the charging line is probably divided into two cases: additional and built-in.

Additional charge line: the user to get the mobile power when the box will be attached to a lot of plugs, can cover almost all the digital products on the market, including the mainstream mobile phone or even PSP can, through a different combination of these Plugs and cables can achieve the effect of charging the mobile power supply and charging the digital product peripherals. However, these plugs are easier to lose, the user should pay attention to the use of the process of preservation, or less will use that plug is a very troublesome thing.

Built-in charging cable: Some mobile power products are built-in charging cable, such as a brand of AL5200 mobile power, built-in Apple DOCK and mini USB interface, you can mainstream Apple phone and Andrews system phone charging, eliminating the need to carry wire The trouble is not easy to lose. But the shortcomings are there, such as the built-in wire damage, the artificial almost can not be replaced, can only use the front USB interface charging, then the random line attached to the pity.

Power line purchase tips

Power line is small, but the responsibility is significant, not only directly related to the use of household appliances and life expectancy, more related to the user's personal property safety, so consumers must not be taken lightly when buying. However, a wide range of power cord products on the market, each electrical and has its own characteristics, ordinary consumers if not the law, it is easy to pick the eye.

First, distinguish between household appliances

Power cord should be based on different household appliances to buy. Different household appliances, the use of the power cord is also different. In general, the combination of RVB-70, RVZ-70 parallel or twisted pair, the cross-sectional area should be in the range of 0.75-1.0mm2; rice cooker , Air conditioners, ventilation fans, electric fans, refrigerators, washing machines and other power lines to choose RVZ-70 three-core jacket with the cable is appropriate, the cross-sectional area should be 0.75-1.5mm2; iron, 100W or so solder ferrochromium, hand drill and other mobile strong and have a heat source or spark of electrical appliances and mobile outlet to choose RHF line is appropriate, the cross-sectional area should be 0.75-1.0mm2. When the house is renovated, the BV-70 type PVC insulated copper core is used for the buried wire, and its cross-sectional area is about 1.0-2.0mm2. It is necessary to ensure a long enough safe life. As for the kitchen, Bathroom and other wet applications in the use of mobile outlet connection, you should use RVZ-70-type jacket line.

Second, whether the license number

Buy the wire, the first to see the volume of the wire packaging on whether the China Electrotechnical Product Certification Committee of the "Great Wall logo" and production license number;

Third, look at the outer structure

Look at the wire outside the plastic skin is bright and bright, fine texture, lighter with a lighter should be no fire. Non-formal products using recycled plastic, color dim, loose texture, can ignite the fire; second look at the length, than the price, BVV2 × 2.5 the length of each volume is 100 ± 5 meters, the market price of 280 yuan, informal product length 60- 80 meters range, and some manufacturers to E insulation skin to do thick, so that the line is also difficult to see the problem, the general can count the number of turns of the wire, and then multiplied by the radius of the whole volume, you can roughly calculate the length, Product prices in the 100-130 yuan; and then can ask businesses to cut a broken head, see copper core material. 2 × 2.5 copper core diameter 1.784 mm, available thousands of scales, the regular product wire using fine red copper, the outer bright and slightly soft, non-formal products of copper and black and hard, is a renewable copper, high resistivity, conductive Poor performance, will be warming and unsafe; Finally, the purchase of electricity should be to pay the shop or factory shops.

Check the quality of the power cord?

Look at the quality of home appliances certificate

If the quality of home appliances qualified, then the quality of home appliances power cord should also be tested, there will not be much of a problem.

Check the cross section of the wire

The cross section of the wire, the qualified product of the copper or aluminum core surface should have a metallic luster, the surface of the black copper or the surface of the white aluminum has been oxidized, is substandard products.

Look at the appearance of the power cord

Qualified products The insulation (sheath) layer is soft, has toughness and stretchability, the surface layer is tight, smooth, no rough feeling, and has a pure gloss. Insulation (sheath) layer surface should be clear and resistant to rub the mark, Non-formal insulation materials produced products, insulation feel transparent, crisp, no toughness.

Look at the core of the power cord

Selection of pure copper raw materials and rigorous drawing, annealing, stranded wire core, the surface should be bright, smooth, no burr, twisted tightness flat, soft and tough, easy to break.

Look at the length of the power cord

Different electrical requirements of the power cord length is different, the decoration owners in the purchase before the best first look at the length of the qualified power cord is how much, so that when the purchase of electrical appliances can be aware of.

In order to ensure the normal use of home appliances and residential safety, decoration owners in the purchase of home appliances, we must pay attention to the choice of power lines, carefully check the quality, if the power line quality is not qualified, it is best not to buy this home appliances, so as not to give Own trouble.

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