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The higher the capacity of the charge, the better the mobile power capacity

- Jul 05, 2017 -

What is the better the mobile power capacity?

Such as the initial mobile phone, the basic function to pick up the phone, send and receive text messages. Gradually, with MP3, MP4, video calls, until the current popular 3G intelligent network and other unprecedented features. Previously only the computer can access the Internet, now, as long as a mobile phone will be able to run some of the functions of the computer. The use of mobile phone owners who, most importantly, in addition to the quality of mobile phones, mobile phone battery is the standby time. Mobile phone function more, must be a free out to play with fun. Listening to songs, playing games, watching fiction, watching movies, chatting. Often feel the use of time is extremely inadequate. Not only the phone so, other digital products even more so. See a beautiful scenery, is trying to use the machine when the plane of the United States, found the phone no electricity, is not super frustrated and even crazy? Take the train, play the notebook, an hour to power off, depressed mood can be imagined.

Due to the limitations of the environment, in this case, we often can not find the power to recharge our digital products in time, not only affects our mood, but also inconvenience to our lives and work. In order to solve this problem, smart lazy invented something called mobile power. Although the mobile power has become a digital one of the essential goods, but there are still many people do not know there is such a product. Baidu, you know: mobile power A set of power supply and charging functions in one of the portable charger, you can give mobile phones, MP3, MP4, mobile phones, PDA, handheld computers, handheld game consoles and other digital devices anytime, anywhere charging or use powered by. Popular point is the large capacity of the battery, with a variety of digital adapter to use, usually with large capacity, multi-purpose, small size, long life and safe and reliable features. So, someone will ask, is not the capacity of the mobile power the better?

Everywhere mobile advertising can be seen without exception, one sentence: large capacity, long standby. Not the hard disk, the greater the memory, the more things to save, in fact, you want to do so much capacity? Personally feel enough on the line. And the greater the battery capacity, the longer the charging time. More serious is the greater the capacity of the battery, the more energy stored, and thus the more powerful the explosion, but the probability of such a thing is still very low. Cottage some batteries up to 10000mA or more, very dangerous, easy to explode! Some battery capacity is simply a virtual standard, logo on the 5000mA, in fact not so big, but you have spent 5000mA of money. General mobile phone charge a power, can use a week or so on the good. Prerequisite is not to play the game, do not watch the video, not a long time phone, SMS.

Under normal circumstances, we will always pick a large capacity, but there is a misunderstanding. Battery capacity by the size of the size of the battery constraints, and today's battery manufacturing technology has not been able to upgrade the basic capacity of the battery. To the original cell phone battery as the standard point of view, domestic high-capacity business battery battery capacity corresponding to the increase is usually 10% -20%, and if the battery nominal capacity than the original battery capacity increase is too large, that is, virtual battery The

In general, the battery power of mobile power is not the bigger the better, but for their own is the best.

Mobile power how much capacity size is better

On the purchase of mobile power capacity and size of mobile power and what brand of good questions. In fact, we just have to carefully understand, to know how to choose this, before the mobile power network has also done such a question analysis.

1, buy mobile power is to buy a longer life of the product, so the capacity of course, the bigger the better. But the size of the capacity is proportional to the weight and volume, go back to a very heavy thing in the pocket, but also appears to be heavier, so give their travels to bring some cumbersome, then the volume of 4000-8000 capacity is generally 200-500 Grams, which can be determined according to the actual, such as the use of different shells, the weight is not consistent.

2, mobile power conversion rate, which is currently a relatively no attention has been the user's place, from the mobile power network of real evaluation of several data, the current mobile power conversion efficiency is not very good, the greater the move Power relative to the output of the specific energy. So this is also recommended to buy large-capacity mobile power reasons.

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