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How long does the mobile power charge charge the power supply?

- Jul 05, 2017 -

With the popularity of mobile power, mobile power from the earliest fashion goods quickly into our ordinary people's lives, and now the big screen smart phone play really good, but really too power. Many friends from the online or electronic market to buy mobile power, mobile phone life, happy to open the packaging, immediately experience the feeling of charging to the phone, to be mobile power after power, ready to charge when the mobile power, how could not find Power adapter (charger), is not funny? Depressed! This small series on the encounter several users asked this question, the following for the primary users who talk about how to charge the mobile power problem:

Many of the first time with mobile power friends have encountered this problem: how to charge the mobile power. In fact, can not find the mobile power charger, not business leak, it is normal, if the mobile power input voltage and current is: 5V / 500mAh, then generally do not bring their own charger, with the computer USB interface can move Power supply charging, because the computer USB interface output voltage and current is exactly 5V / 500mAh, mobile power input interface is generally Micro USB, as long as the end of a USB is the other end of the Micro USB cable to connect the mobile power to the normal work of the computer (Desktop and laptop computers) can be charged to the mobile power. First of all, you have to choose the charger or computer USB to the mobile power is fully charged, and then, according to your own mobile phone interface to select the corresponding conversion head to the phone charge. Mobile power generally has two output interface, to the phone charging, the general choice of 5V / 1A; and Tablet PC generally with 5V / 1.5A-2A. Finally, I wish you a pleasant, lasting life!

Mobile power how to be fully charged?

Mobile power generally have four LED lights, that is, the charge status indicator. When charging, the LED will flash, and according to the amount of electricity, from 1-4 lights gradually increase the number of flashing. And so on all four LED and so on and stop flashing, it means full.

With a charger to the mobile power for a long time, not full? what is the reason?

1, the length of the charging time not only with the charger to the mobile power when the output current charge, but also with the mobile power used by the battery capacity. Charger output current unchanged, the higher the mobile power capacity, the time required to fully charge the longer; Similarly, the mobile power capacity unchanged, the charger output current is smaller, the longer the time required to fully charge.

2, if directly plugged into the computer's USB interface to charge the mobile power, the time will be longer, because the computer USB interface output current is very small.

Mobile power to the phone how many times the calculation of charging?

1, the first must be clear that the calculation of the number of times the charge is wrong, can not simply use the mobile power battery capacity divided by cell phone battery capacity.

2, all mobile power products identified by the capacity of the internal lithium-ion battery capacity is not the size of the mobile power to the battery can not be released when the capacity.

3, the communication device or digital product battery voltage nominal 3.7V, fully charged is 4.2V, and mobile power built-in lithium-ion battery nominal voltage is 3.7V, fully charged is 4.2V, mobile power such voltage range is Can not charge the battery directly.

4, the mobile power must be built-in intelligent boost circuit, the mobile power built-in polymer battery voltage automatically boost to the external charging device required charging voltage, usually 4.2V-5V, the boost of this process will cause Part of the loss; coupled with the process of charging the circuit and the connector has a part of the capacity loss, so the capacity of the mobile power output is not built-in polymer battery capacity so high. It is not correct to simply tell the capacity of the mobile power by the capacity of the cell phone battery to get the number of times of charging.

With the mobile power to charge the machine, will the phone charge bad?

Mobile power is precisely designed, the use of ATL polymer batteries and intelligent power management chip, the output voltage is constant, the current is stable, and has automatic protection device, will not cause any damage to the phone and other equipment.

Mobile power is not charged? The lights are not bright?

If this happens, please continue to follow the correct charging method to charge the mobile power, after a while the light will be lit, into the normal state of charge.

Why can not my phone charge?

Because some mobile phones in the use of original data cable to connect mobile phones and mobile power in the case, can not charge or will produce virtual charge, if there is such a situation, please use the mobile phone distribution of the charging data cable. If you still can not charge, please contact the business requirements for after-sales service.

Mobile power in the course of the use of fever, normal?

Mobile power in their own charge or external discharge, the energy is in the conversion process, a slight fever is normal.

How long will the mobile power charge? Mobile power charging time

1, the battery capacity (usually refers to the mobile power products on the nominal capacity): Because the market mobile power capacity there are many, such as 2200mAh, 3000mAh, 4800mAh, 8000mAh, 18000mAh, etc., of course 2200mAh and 18000mAh mobile power The time required for charging under the same conditions is certainly not the same.

2, the charging current (usually refers to the mobile power supply on the product of the nominal input current): theoretically the greater the charging current, to the mobile power is fully charged the shorter time, but the standard charge and discharge current is generally 0.2C, for example 5000mAh mobile power, the charging current is generally 5000 * 0.2 = 1000mA.

Simple load is estimated as follows: Mobile power charging time = battery capacity / charge current Example: 5000mAh mobile power, input voltage, current: 5V, 1000mAh, then, to the mobile power is fully charged the time required = 5000mAh / 1000mAh = 5 hours. Of course, this is in the absence of any loss of the case, so theoretically charging time will be longer than 5 hours.

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