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How to prevent mobile power from explosion

- Jul 05, 2017 -

Mobile power is mainly composed of batteries and a variety of intelligent control chip protection circuit board. Mobile power batteries are mainly high-capacity polymer lithium-ion battery or liquid lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion battery single high voltage, high energy density, relatively light weight, the production process is mature. But it is because the energy density is high so the correct use is also very important, otherwise there may be a certain risk. So the regular manufacturers of the battery has a sound protection program, the battery charging and discharging circuit has a strict control. The protection circuit is designed for lithium-ion and lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery design, mainly to provide overcharge, over discharge and over current protection, in addition to some circuits also provide protection from the state to restore the function, and some also To provide the battery 0V charging function, which depends on the manufacturer's design capabilities and technical strength. Protection circuit in the protection of IC integrated high-precision voltage detection circuit and delay circuit, you can accurately collect the circuit voltage of the subtle changes in accordance with the change in the length of the delay to control the on-off, and thus play a protective battery and the equipment effect.

Mobile power from the theory of technology is more mature, different brands of products only slightly in the details of the performance of inconsistencies. But this is only for the regular manufacturers of battery products. To mature the theory of technology and fully reflected in the product, that is, the production of high-quality products depends on the technical staff, manufacturing equipment, production process, process control, product testing system and many other factors, from raw materials to complete the finished product , One by one meticulous completion, the more attention to each production details of the regular manufacturers of products produced, the more can increase the safety and reliability of the product. Relatively speaking, those who are not regular or low production capacity of the manufacturers, usually in the market through the media or packaging to render the technology mature or unique technology, this is only paper on the words, is completely irresponsible to customers and consumers, so Said that the key to the security of mobile power use is how to choose a trusted product on the market before buying it.

How to prevent mobile power explosion

1 Avoid placing mobile power in places with high ambient temperatures, such as summer exposure and enclosed cars, near high heat sources such as ovens;

2 in the daily use should avoid lithium lithium battery cathode and negative metal contact, if you need to store alone, should be safe and reliable and excellent insulation capacity of the battery box.

3 lithium battery mobile power needs to be used frequently to achieve the best life, when the need for long-term placement, it should be charged to the specified power and stored in the corresponding temperature environment (self-search).

4 If the charging treasure has been shown to be full, you should unplug the power.

5 When the mobile power lithium battery is damaged or the power drops obviously, it should be sent to the designated recycle bin for recycling, can not be discarded. In fact, the maintenance of mobile power is very easy, as long as you remember the mobile phone mobile power is afraid of heat, fear of impact, fear of water on the line, to avoid all of these conditions appear OK friends.

Mobile power poor battery safety hazards

Mobile power, mobile phone power supply news about friends, or around you you may encounter, mobile power explosion event. This is to the mobile power industry market has brought no small negative image, the reason why mobile power will explode, because some cottage mobile power manufacturers use a poor battery, more likely to use the recycling of second-hand battery system.

Emerging mobile power burst products

The reason why mobile power will be so fire, the first is because it is in the development stage, in line with user needs, so there is a market. Second, turned out of mobile power gross margin close to 50%, so it will cause today seems hot scene. Which also stimulated the cottage army, a short period of time the market there have been a lot of good and bad quality products. It is because the mobile power market opaque, coupled with those cottage cost is very low, so to have those explosive power products.

Security risks of the cottage mobile power

Cottage brand by its own strength, limited R & D costs, the production of mobile power using low prices, poor quality batteries, and poor workmanship, hidden dangers. These poor mobile power, hoping to live in the current hot mobile power environment, to seize the market at low prices to seek profits from. These poor power supply if the flow to the market, the flow of consumers, then it will give those smart phones and electronic products, and even personal safety problems are not guaranteed.

What kind of batteries are easy for mobile power to become "grenades"?

Open the previous battery explosion news, you will find the quality of the batteries, however, is often the most direct cause of the incident. So what kind of batteries easy to make mobile power as a "grenade" it. Although the construction of mobile power is simple, but in fact the requirements of the system is very high, there is no professional factory and professional technology, is not meet the standard requirements. If there is no rigorous production process, there is no compliance with the provisions of the circuit board and shell material, even the mobile power of the core part of the core is "cottage", so that mobile power security risks are extremely terror, very easy to become stealth grenades.

Cottage mobile power with the majority of second-hand waste, repair batteries or tractors batteries, these batteries are a feature, that is, great security risks.

Summary: the use of these poor batteries of mobile power, the circuit protection board is also unqualified, not only the use of short life, but also a serious threat to equipment and personal safety. So the consumer to the mall to buy mobile phone mobile phone friends, you must be polished your eyes.

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