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What is the characteristics of solar mobile power?

- Jul 05, 2017 -

The concept of solar mobile power is with the current energy crisis and petrochemical fuel caused by the deterioration of the environmental problems and the popularity of digital products developed. As the traditional mobile power can not solve the energy problem, so the solar mobile power came into being, which not only make up for the traditional power can not save energy and environmental protection, but also set the portability and charging in one.

Solar mobile power is mainly through the photoelectric conversion plate will be converted into electrical energy and stored in the built-in capacity of a certain amount of lithium batteries, and then through the control circuit will be built-in battery power through the output interface to the phone, digital cameras, MP3, MP4 and other products charge, the principle is the high side of the power side of the low side of the flow of movement, with those who have low potential energy flow is the same place.

Solar mobile power is also called solar charger, uninterrupted universal charger.

There are two types of solar power storage methods: solar charging and power charging.

1, the solar mobile power placed in the sun can be charged. The green light indicates that it is being flushed, and when the solar energy is good, the charging time is about 12 hours (the charging time is determined by the strength of the sun).

2, the use of electricity to the solar charger charging, the indicator light green light, about 8-10 hours or so can be filled, the light is off that the battery is full.

Solar mobile power features:

1, energy saving, environmental protection, safety, convenience, long life, suitable for wide.

2, solar mobile power using solar energy, no electricity, no future operating costs, saving electricity, is the country to promote the use of green energy conservation energy.

3, solar mobile power can be installed without restrictions on the location, the installation is simple, where the sun where there is electricity.

4, solar mobile power technology content is high, advanced technology, low failure rate, the basic maintenance-free, very little maintenance.

5, solar mobile power operation is simple, as long as there is a light power output.

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