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Mobile power problems and solutions

- Oct 24, 2016 -

Problem 1: the mobile power supply will not charge

When you move the power supply will not charge when we first need to consider is, if adapter with cell phones or digital products do not match caused it? if so, encountered this problem when using a mobile phone or digital product itself, since the data can be linked to move power to mobile phones or digital products battery. If it wasn't, you'd want to go after sales asked.

Question 2 adapter with the quality problem, double cable is broken

If an adapter or a double cable problem is found, when the product is not available, if can find manufacturers for shifting time, if more than just buy another one the same, or using a mobile phone or a digital product that comes with data cable charging. However, the assumption is sure to select adapter can, otherwise new problems will arise. Mobile power supply daily maintenance?

Question 3: mobile power can not open the machine?

First may be no electricity: If you have just received is not open can not be can not open the machine, may not have the power, you just take out cable and mini USB connector on your computer to charge him (full 3-5 minutes to), take down posts, continued charging after boot. If you can not open the machine, directly on the adapter charging, if not filled in means you're using the mobile power to cell phones and other digital products is overuse, making mobile power lithium-ion battery protection, so you need USB output port on your computer to charge he is OK.

Question 4, boot methods

Mobile phone lock button power supply boot method is similar, we need to press and hold 2-3 seconds or longer for a few seconds, see the battery indicator lamp blinking regularly, on behalf of mobile power supply is turned on to cell phones and other digital products charge.

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