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Low prices charged Bao

- Oct 24, 2016 -

Electrical primary power supply batteries. Currently used Li-Polymer and 18650 lithium battery (battery 18mm diameter, length of 65mm, cylindrical batteries). The latter used steel packaging, if the product is faulty, an explosion hazard may occur. The former greatest danger is leakage, short circuit, drum kit, up to break out in little Sparks, security risks are smaller. It is understood that the mobile power currently on the market were 18650 lithium battery sales, the price is cheaper. Lithium polymer is more expensive, but its design and diverse, and can better achieve the super thin. Charging market a mixed bag, consumers believe they would have got. Last year, AQSIQ 32 batch charging output Po product on the market for electrical performance testing, results show that failure rate is 87.5%. General Administration of quality supervision for charging batteries heavy impact test treasure, and 32 batches of fire explosion, 9. In other words, almost one in every three charging Po, there is a risk of explosion.

Side is a fire sale, one side is the fake and inferior goods, what consumers choose? First select brand, select brands of products, such as mobile phone maker introduced a rechargeable Bao Bao brand, well-known independent charging. Secondly, at the time of purchase may wish to spend the time to learn about charge under Po batteries manufacturers, such as LG, ATL, Panasonic, Sony and others are relatively more secure. In addition, Bao is proportional to the volume, weight and charge, generally single 18650 batteries weight in 40g~45g, bigger battery, so its very light also known as 10000 mAh rechargeable treasure, are fake. If you phone up once a day, no deficiency 3000~5000 mAh rechargeable treasure enough. Next, the conversion efficiency to learn about charge treasure, more than 90% is "experts", below the 80% not consider, good charging efficiency of treasure is close to 90%. Of course, some officials say security certification charge treasure through the EU, North America, you can rest assured purchase.

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