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Several basic knowledge of wireless headset

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Several basic knowledge of wireless headset

Headphones have become a young family of essential goods, then when we buy headphones we need to know what knowledge? Here I tell you about the essential knowledge of our purchase of headphones.

The type of headset

The type of headset can be divided into different categories by different methods. First, according to the way of energy can be divided into: moving coil, static and other magnetic; according to the structure: open, semi-open and closed; by wearing the form: headset, ear and ear type.

Headphone frequency response range

Headphones can release the band width for the frequency response range, the human ear hearing range of 20Hz-20000Hz, and excellent headset frequency response up to 40000Hz. With less than the average output amplitude of 1/2 as a standard or 1/4 as a standard, their definition of frequency response width of the standard is clearly not the same. The general manufacturer to -3dB as the standard, of course, there are some products to -10dB as the standard. Therefore, different brands of headset test standards may not be the same.

Headphone impedance

The impedance of the headset is the abbreviation of its AC impedance, in order to match the headphone jack on the professional machine, its size reaches the coil DC impedance of more than 200Ω. On large machines (desktop, VCD, DVD, tv), the general use of high-impedance headphones. If you have to use low-impedance headphones, first of all to adjust the volume to the minimum and then plug in, or else it is easy to burn the headset or voice coil deformation dislocation as broken sound. Micro-machine generally use low-impedance headphones, but also pay attention to sensitivity, the sensitivity of the micro-machine is very important indicators.

Headphone sensitivity

Front has been said that the sensitivity of the headset on the importance of micro-machine, and now to understand the sensitivity of the headset. The sensitivity of the headphones refers to the size of the power that needs to be input in the same loudness, and the higher the required power, the smaller the power required.

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