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Burn the headset steps and precautions

- Jul 06, 2017 -

Burn the headset steps and precautions

(A) how to burn headphones

For the headset pot method, the theory and procedures and pot speakers no difference, but the burner headphones than to burn the speaker to be more careful. If the pot is not good, it is possible to shorten the life of the headphones and even permanent damage to the headphones, such as accidental power overload, the amplitude is too large lead to film beat and so on. Some friends in the burning SENNHEISER headphones when there is due to the amplitude is too large lead to the voice coil wire glue off the impact of the diaphragm caused by the pop sound of the crash, which is undoubtedly because the volume is too large lead to the amplitude of the diaphragm Big cause. Headphones and speakers of the speaker speakers, have its life, but because the headphones diaphragm amplitude is very small, so much smaller than the amplitude of the speaker diaphragm, the headset life will be longer, normal Use, then, for decades there is no problem. But if you want to quickly cooked cooked headphones, and a long time to drive high-power headphones, will inevitably shorten the life of the headset, if burned improperly, it is likely to produce irreparable damage to the headset physical damage, so the appropriate volume Burning headphones is vital.

Many new friends to buy headphones, like to use the sweep software to listen to the full frequency of the corresponding, but they often feel their new headset frequency response is not uniform, why? The problem is well explained, if the headset vibration amplitude is very consistent, then you hear the sound is certainly not uniform, it is because the human ears on the different frequency of vibration sensitivity is different. Using this method to test the headset's frequency response performance is not correct, and, to avoid the use of single-frequency signal test headphones, it is also very easy to damage the headset, especially the high sensitivity of the Walkman dedicated headphones and some monitor headset products. In the second and third stage of the choice of music, the headset with the music should be dynamic little music to "pot", the higher the impedance, the lower the sensitivity of the headset, the time should also be a corresponding increase in the headset The whole burning machine time should be no less than 50 hours.

There are two should be burned in the headset to pay attention to the problem, one is burning headphones, especially high block headphones to be careful to burn, do not use electronic music pot, electronic music bass component is too strong, for high sensitivity headphones Said there may be overload, resulting in irreparable physical damage. In short, slow fire stew flavor taste foot. Another point is not to use a single frequency sound signal to test the headset, in particular, do not use low-frequency signal measurement, one is the response of the human ear to the low-frequency signal is very sensitive, such as 20Hz signal If you can hear, then the headset to withstand the power Certainly has been overloaded, and some low-power headphones are likely to have burned or appear voice coil deformation and so on. 20Hz is a limit between hearing and hearing, some ears are not very good people can not hear, so do not in some extreme frequency with their own new headphones called

(B) slow boil a good sound

The only universally applicable method of burning headphones is "progressive", just beginning with some soft music, at the lower volume so that the headphones first soothing 10-30 hours, and then use ordinary music (except rock, dance) in the middle volume state pot 100-200 hours; if you then listen to the treble is not harsh, and become round and natural, the warmth of warmth, low frequency no longer mixed into a rumbling, and full of details, then congratulations, OK, absolutely can not Quick success.

In the process of burning to pay attention to two points: First, can not work for too long! Because the voice coil there is resistance, work for a long time will be hot, they might burn a voice coil! It is best to stop for two hours and then continue. Second, the volume must not be too large, ear plug diaphragm is very fragile material, the volume is large, the voice coil movement of the trip will be large, so intense pull diaphragm, will cause the voice coil loose, diaphragm deformation or even tear Wait.

Burning headphones are mainly burn the head of the diaphragm, for now, the thickness of the static earphone diaphragm has been thin to 135 microns, moving coil earphone diaphragm is only a few microns to ten microns (our hair diameter is about 60 ~ 90 microns). The diaphragm itself in the manufacturing process there is internal stress in the bonded voice coil and fixed on the skeleton when it produced assembly stress, we said the headset is to make these stresses gradually disappear, so that the diaphragm gradually Hue issued a good Sound of the process.

I think that although the audio equipment is not engineering machinery, iron steel horse, but there are similarities. Good things to be more grinding, slow boil a good sound, burning machine or divided into Shujin, Tongluo, martial arts, playing beat, debut five steps as well. Take headphones as an example:

1, Shujin - use the normal listening intensity of one third of the volume to drive the headset for 12 hours (with 100 ~ 15000Hz / 5s sweep signal better);

2, Tongluo - use the normal listening intensity of two-thirds of the volume drive headphones for 12 hours (with 50 ~ 18000Hz / 3s sweep signal better);

3, martial arts - the use of normal listening intensity to drive headphones 72 hours (with 20 ~ 20000Hz / 2s sweep signal better);

4, playing the beat - the use of normal listening intensity of three-fourths of the volume drive headphones 24 hours (with 18 ~ 22000Hz / 1s sweep signal better);

5, debut - into the normal use of the stage.

The first step: to get a new headset, you need to burn the way to make the diaphragm loose does not jump. We all know that the general headphones are dynamic open coil, the sound of the principle of the coil is issued by the size of the magnetic field, so as to promote the diaphragm, the use of diaphragm amplitude and sound. (This principle does not apply to the static headphones) In other words, the final formation of the sound is generated by the diaphragm vibration, we often say that the headset is also the head of the burner.

The new headphone diaphragm is like an unused rubber band, the elasticity is not enough, the stroke is too short. If we at this time to listen to some heavy metal heavy volume (such as our deputy version of the glacier, headphones just get a hand, really make him uncomfortable for many days, a fanatical metal fans, but to listen to some "ferry" and the like Of the burning machine, really hard), the final result is certainly broken sound. The first step of the purpose of burning machine also came out: through the artificial way to make the head of the mechanical system of a rapid aging process.

In this step we can choose a variety of burning machine methods, I am one by one out of:

①, software law: download a software, with white noise to burn;

②, radio method: transferred to no signal where the noise is also known as white noise;

③, music burning machine method: with some music, the best burning machine music is the "ferry" (other music is also OK, as long as the volume is not too much on the OK).

The second step is to make a aging headset (referring to the first step through the mechanical system aging), as soon as possible to adapt to a variety of frequency sounds, from the surface to send a better sound. We listen to music generally have preferences, or treble more, or bass more, even if everything is heard, some frequencies are rarely used, and this is where we burn the sound of the key. Approach only with the software, select the signal generator, and then put three consecutive hours once, free to burn, pot a dozen twenty times on OK.

New to buy back the headphones, listening to a good feeling. But with a friend with a period of time with the same type of earplugs contrast, always unsatisfactory. Bass tight and blunt, midrange is not soft enough full, treble part of the burr filling. Why is this so? Because this new headphones have not yet burned! The same time as the above-

Test Tone Generator

A popular way is to connect directly to the radio, transferred to a radio without the frequency, the use of the radio issued a "hissing" sound (pink noise) for a long time to headphones work to achieve the effect of burning machine The But this method is not obvious, not as good as wearing headphones to listen to music so faster. But also useful special frequency generator to generate a fixed or scanning frequency and then enter the headset so that the pot, this method is more obvious, the use of time can be shortened a lot. But most of the players do not have this type of equipment, then how to do it? What is the most efficient way to burn headphones? In the rapid development of computer today, many enthusiasts compiled a number of procedures, the use of computer processing some waveforms, frequency, through the sound card output, to achieve some real frequency of the instrument effect, this is the so-called "virtual instrument." Similar to this frequency test software there are many, I now use is a test Tone Generator software, easy to use, feature-specific, small size. Here's how to use it to burn headphones.

Burning machine are generally used low frequency. So, as long as the TTG set low frequency on it. There are two ways, one is to use a fixed frequency output; the second is to use the scanning frequency. The effect is almost fixed frequency of burning machine method is fixed frequency output (CONSTANT TONE) FREQUENCY that enter a value, usually 20 to 50 can, but also selected LOOP, DURATION time does not matter, the waveform with SINE (sine wave) The gain is 0 DB, and then you can plug the headset on the sound card, let it work for a long time.

Scan frequency method is to use the scanning frequency (SWEEP) that INITIAL FREQUENCY that input frequency, FINAL FREQUENCY that the end of the input frequency, generally I think from 20HZ to 100HZ more appropriate, DURATION time is set to scan the time used, and then other The operation is the same as the fixed frequency. Many friends asked me, why only boil low frequency. In fact, from the above described the principle of burning machine can know why it is.

In the process of burning to pay attention to two points: First, can not work for too long! Because the voice coil there is resistance, work for a long time will be hot, they might burn a voice coil! It is best to stop for two hours and then continue. Second, the volume must not be too big, the earpiece diaphragm is very fragile material, the volume is large, the voice coil movement of the trip will be large, so intense pull diaphragm, will cause the voice coil loose, diaphragm deformation or even tear and many more. Especially as 888 such "fragile" earplugs, it is to be careful. As long as the tune can be properly heard to hear the sound waves or air vibration can be, do not tune too much, hear the diaphragm in the case of severe vibration. Be careful to protect your headphones.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize that, not all the headphones will be better to burn the sound, which should be the quality of the headset and its own decision, and some headphones after the effect is not very obvious, it is normal. The purpose of our burning machine is to help it quickly through the aging period, so that the physical characteristics of its components to achieve stability. Not burn the headset vibration system may be relatively tight, relatively hard, through the burning machine, you can let the vibration system relaxed, the parameters tend to be stable, so the sound quality will become better. And do not burn the machine to the effect of want too good, and then burn some time to burn to pot to the effect will not be too obvious. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. To have a good sound or mainly to see the sound source and other equipment.

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