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In-Ear Headphones and Headset Which headphones are selected for in-ear or non-ear style?

- Jul 06, 2017 -

In-Ear Headphones and Headset Which headphones are selected for in-ear or non-ear style?

First, the type of headset

1, headphones

2, headset: headphones with a microphone, usually used for mobile phones or online games.

3, earplugs

In general, with the price of the sound quality: headset "ear plug" headset.

Second, the main way to wear headphones

1, headset: closed sound is better, but easy to have a bucket sound (mouth facing the barrel to speak, there is depression and echo feeling is the bucket sound); open sound field is more natural and the atmosphere, but the sound is not good; half Closed (semi-open) is the first two more moderate choice.

2, ear plug type: flat head earplugs, wearing a more comfortable, soundproof in general.

3, ear type: ear ear, the sound is better to very good, easy to produce discomfort, poor hygiene is easy to cause ear canal infection.

4, ear hanging: hanging on the ears of the headset, earbuds are also ear-style, wearing a more solid, but the sound is relatively poor.

5, after the hanging type: the general movement of the headphones are hanging-based, wearing a more solid, sound quality is usually more general.

6, custom: according to the shape of each ear canal, custom headset shell headphones. Custom headphones are developed from hearing aids, the first is used for singers and musicians to perform live performances when they can get accurate music rhythm and tempo, the last decade began to civilian, most people just willing to spend money can do their own custom Headphones. Customize the advantages of headphones: sound insulation is very good, comfortable to wear, almost to the limit of noise. (Soundproof customization even in the aircraft engine can not hear the noise next) Disadvantages: the price is very high, comfortable to wear a sense of wisdom, the general ear can not use.

In-ear and non-in-ear style earphone which is good

Ear-ear earplugs are currently very popular products, it through the earplugs themselves and the catheter on the filler into the human ear canal, so that the ear canal in a sealed state. Ear earplugs artificially create a relatively sealed space, reduce the interference of the outside world. The main purpose of the design is to allow users to more clearly and completely hear the sound from the earplugs. However, the initial contact with the ear-type earplugs may be in the way and feel some uncomfortable to wear, take some time to adapt. In the ear on the basis of products, but also derived a more high-end products, custom earplugs. It is tailor-made earplugs tailored to the ear canal structure of the custom, without the need to close the ear canal through the filler on the catheter, but to directly fit the shape of the ear canal. So you can achieve better sound insulation and comfort, but also to provide better sound performance, but its price is the top.

In addition to ear earplugs, those earrings that are fixed to the outside of the ear and which can be worn directly by the outer edge of the housing can be called non-ear earplugs. The earplugs do not need to be fixed in the ear canal through the catheter and filler, and do not form a closed ear canal. Non-ear earplugs are basically moving coil earplugs, which is determined by the characteristics of the moving coil unit. Non-ear earplugs can also be broken down into traditional earplugs and earhook earplugs. The difference is mainly in the way of wearing, the traditional earplugs are fixed directly on the ear of the human ear, while the ear hanging earplugs are passed through an extra Hook parts firmly hanging in the ear, so that when moving is not easy to fall.

There are three main differences between ear ear and non-ear earphones: sound quality, comfort and sound insulation. From our actual experience, the similar price of ear ear and non-ear earphones, the sound quality of the gap is not large. However, due to the different sound structure, the sound characteristics of the two, but there is a clear difference. Most of the ear earphones will appear more "quiet" sound, on the one hand because of its sound structure is relatively closed, on the other hand is due to the ear earplug cavity area is limited, so the sound unit, whether moving iron or moving coil, Can not be bigger, in the performance of large dynamic compared to non-ear earphones more or less there will be some differences. In the comfort of wearing, non-ear earplugs because of its open structure, as well as the contact area with the ear less features, comfort is generally better than the ear ear. However, due to the different shape of the outer ear of each person, the use of non-ear earplugs may be more likely to cause a small number of users to wear discomfort. Sound insulation is a significant difference between ear earphones and non-ear earphones. Due to its different sound structure, the ear earplugs artificially create a relatively sealed space, which makes the ear earphones sound insulation performance is generally better. Rather than the ear earplugs because of its open structure, in terms of sound insulation is a lot less.

Of course, there is a saying about ear and non-ear, that is, ear ear earning more hurt ears, which is true? In our view, whether it is earplugs, headphones, speakers or other sound equipment, if the volume is too large or listening time is too long will have an impact on hearing, it is beyond doubt. But between the ear and the non-ear, we think that ear ear ear is more conducive to the protection of hearing. For example, in a noisy area, non-ear earplug users want to hear the same feelings with the room feel, you have to increase to cover the noise outside the noise, the result of this behavior is that beyond the normal volume Many cases of listening, but also the external noise together into the ear, a long time to listen is bound to affect the hearing. While the ear ear plugs through their own ear structure to the outside world as much as possible to isolate the sound, so that the listener can use a smaller volume to listen to music, but it is conducive to the protection of hearing. At the same time, the ear-type earbuds are only extended from the longer catheter into the ear canal, the sound of the unit is still outside the ear canal, so there is no need to worry about the sound point from the eardrum closer to the hearing damage. Of course, there are ear earbuds leading to damage to the ear canal or even cause inflammation of the case occurred, but this case is very small, by training the correct way to wear and correct listening habits are completely avoidable. Therefore, if the user can adapt to the way ear ear wearing, we recommend that you give priority to ear earphones.

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