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What is Bluetooth, Bluetooth headset what function

- Jul 04, 2017 -

What is Bluetooth, Bluetooth headset what function

Bluetooth is a low-cost, high-capacity short-range wireless communication specification. Bluetooth notebook, is a Bluetooth wireless communication with the function of the laptop. Bluetooth this name there is a legend of it? The tenth century AD, the Nordic princes hegemony, the Danish king came forward, in his tireless efforts, the bloody war was stopped, the parties are sitting at the negotiating table. Through the communication, princes who pretend to be friends. As the king of Denmark love to eat blue plum, so that teeth are dyed blue, known as the king of Bluetooth, so, Bluetooth has become synonymous with communication. A thousand years later, when the new wireless communication standards introduced, people use it to name it with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth specification using microwave frequency band, the transmission rate of 1M bytes per second, the maximum transmission distance of 10 meters, by increasing the transmission power can reach 100 meters. Bluetooth technology is globally open, with good compatibility around the world, the world can be integrated through low-cost intangible Bluetooth network.

Bluetooth technology is not only used in computers, such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, printers, fax machines, home appliances and many other electronic devices can use Bluetooth technology to achieve wireless connectivity, without having to drag a tail (cable). With the popularity of Bluetooth technology, home decoration is no longer worry about the wiring of electrical appliances; use of home appliances, do not have a headache for a lot of remote control, a cell phone or a car key will be able to get everything; The company's work arrangements and home pictures of the family can be anytime, anywhere; punch, pay without queuing, from the payment point near, without the door can be easily completed ... ... Bluetooth technology will make our life is extremely easy.

Bluetooth technology is currently the most widely used in daily life is to support Bluetooth mobile phone call equipment, such as mobile phone Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth makes driving more secure, many owners feel the car when the phone is not convenient: one hand leaning on the steering wheel, The other hand holding a phone call, not only hinder the shift, the impact of security, two eyes staring at the car had to touch the police, 12 points is not punishable; car hands-free system to answer the phone more convenient, but inevitably Inconvenient call in the inconvenient time to come in; the use of wired headset is not so cool, headset line sloshing affect the arm of the activities of the headset line shielding effect is often affected by electromagnetic noise interference, throw in the auxiliary seat of the phone is often under the When the car was caught in the clothes on the headset line pulled fell to the ground ... ... people furious, accidentally but also against the injured car tears rushing.

With the phone using the Bluetooth headset can make these troubles away with the wind, so that driving more secure. With Bluetooth-enabled earbuds, mobile phone users can achieve wireless hands-free function, without having to hang down a line from the head to the phone as it is now. Users can also use the car Bluetooth communication equipment to use the phone, do not take out the phone from the bag can be achieved call.

Four-point use guide

First, the use of Bluetooth headset drivers will feel very free. Whether it is back when looking back, or anti-back after taking the back seat of things, when the car is very convenient to answer calls, there is no concern;

Second, the Bluetooth headset quality is good, and sometimes even more than the direct answer to the phone call effect is also clear.

Third, just started wearing some will not be used, may be the user plug the ear plug too tight, confused like nothing across, can not hear the sound around. As long as the earplugs slightly opened, light buckle in the ear, there is no such problem.

Fourth, reveal a way to ensure that the call --- always keep the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone in the same side of the body, this call the best, that is, if the Bluetooth headset hanging in the right ear, the phone can also be placed on the right side of the body; Also else.

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